For the month of October 2019, Israel’s AI startups raised $616 million in private funding, up from $231 million of the previous year.

For the year of 2019, Israel’s AI startups have raised $3.7 billion in private funding across 173 deals.


Funding rounds:

Namogoo, malicious advertisement cyber security, $40 Million C Round

DataGen, photo realistic human data generation, $3.5 Million Seed Round

Stampli, accounts payable automation platform, $25 Million B Round

Duality Technologies, AI based data encryption, $16 Million A Round

Workiz, field service scheduling software, $5 Million A Round

Tactile Mobility, smart vehicle driving data and analytics, $9 Million 

Axilion, adaptive vehicle connected traffic lights, $6 Million Seed Round

Whizar, air ticketing optimization, $2.7 Million Seed Round

Pepticom, peptide-based drug candidate discovery, $5 Million A Round

Firedome, IoT device endpoint cyber security, $10 Million A Round, conversational AI agents for call centers, $900,000 Seed+ Round, identify strokes on CT angiogram imaging, $50 Million C Round

DayTwo, microbiome human discovery platform, $5 Million B+ Round

Hi Auto, audio-visual vehicle speech enhancement, $4.5 Million Seed Round

Otoma, AI software testing for financial institutions, $8 Million A Round

Fabric, automated micro-fulfillment centers, $110 Million B Round

Upstream Security, autonomous vehicle cyber security, $30 Million B Round

Next Insurance, SMB online insurance, $250 Million C  Round

3d Signals, ultrasonic sensor industrial analytics, $8.5 Million A+ Round

Talenya, talent sourcing and recruitment bot solution, $6.5 Million A Round

Allerguard, food allergy detection device, $1.5 Million Seed Round

WayCare, traffic management and safety solution, $7.25 Million A Round

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