Feeling the tactility (i.e. dynamics) that is created between a vehicle and the road is key for optimizing safety, user experience, and efficiency, either if a person or a computer drives a vehicle. Tactile Mobility provides smart and autonomous vehicles (AVs) with the missing tactile sensing and data that makes vehicles smarter, roads better, and mobility-ecosystems enhanced. The company develops and commercializes the first of its kind Tactile Sensor Fusion and Analytics platform. Tactile Mobility’s in-car software and cloud solution ingests tens of thousands data points per second from already installed sensors, fuses and analyzes those and feeds information and insight about the car-road dynamics to the vehicle computers. This enables vehicles equipped with ADAS and Autonomous capabilities to make better driving decisions which benefit the passenger experience. In parallel, the company collects the data from the multitude of vehicles its technology enables and by cross referencing those creates mathematical models of both the vehicles (VehicleDNA) and the roads they are roaming (SurfaceDNA). These data sets are highly valuable to multiple constituents ranging from road authorities to fleets managers and insurance companies.
May 2017
Hardware, Software

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