10 Israeli Startups Providing AI Development Platforms

10 AI Development Platforms
10 AI Development Platforms

True Artificial Intelligence (AI) development requires professional platforms to manage and deploy tools that streamline the model coding and training processes.

At StartupHub.ai, we’ve put together the definitive list of Israeli development platforms dedicated to AI technologies that provide end-to-end AI application development (computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, etc.) including services like data labeling and annotation, model training, model coding, model optimization, and model deployment.

Accelerate your AI development today, whether you’re a startup, small medium business or enterprise. Here’s 10 Israeli AI development platforms to start building your AI (alphabetical order):


Founded: 2016
Contact: [email protected] 
Funding: +$11 Million
Investors: Samsung Catalyst Fund, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, MizMaa Ventures, Dynamic Loop Capital, Hyundai Motor Company
Clients: Samsung, Bosch, Hyundai, Microsoft, Nvidia, NetApp

Allegro.ai is a pioneering deep learning computer vision platform that provides a complete product lifecycle management solution for AI development & production, starting with computer vision. The company’s platform simplifies the process of developing and managing deep learning powered solutions – such as for autonomous vehicles, robotics, security cameras, logistics and others. We deliver a total data management solution with full reproducibility, synthetic data creation, bias correction and a host of unique features. Allegro provides the means for ground-truth creation at a fraction of the cost and minimal resources as compared to the existing manual processes. Highly scalable total management and development center for models. Support for on-prem, private cloud, multi-cloud tenants and custom configurations. Continuous learning and model personalization for an unlimited number of devices.


Founded: 2016
Contact: [email protected]

The ClaySciences platform lets data scientists obtain training data quickly, efficiently and at scale. Our web-based tools for annotating videos, images, and text can be used on our platform with crowdsource workers, or on-prem with your own in-house experts.


Founded: 2015
Contact: [email protected]
Funding: $1 Million
Investors:  Jerusalem Venture Partners

Cnvrg.io is a platform designed by data scientists and built to organize every stage of a data-science project, including research, information collection, code writing, and model optimization.


Founded: 2017
Contact: [email protected]
Funding: $2.3 Million
Investors: Founders Co-Op, Fathom Capital, Techstars Ventures, Trilogy Equity Partners, Two Sigma Ventures

Comet is doing for AI what GitHub did for software. We allow data scientists to automagically track their datasets, code changes, experimentation history and production models creating efficiency, transparency, and reproducibility.


Founded: 2018

Databand is a software platform for Agile Machine Learning Development. We help Data Scientists and Data Engineers build solutions fast, iterate easily, and productize improvements. The core of the solution is a Data Orchestration Engine for authoring, running and updating data pipelines. The framework is extremely lightweight, with simple implementation and no required changes to existing workflow logic. Databand provides a central hub and inventory system for ML code. We collect all run information and metadata so that users can collaborate and exchange information in an integrated repository for code, data, experiments and metrics. Saving code versions is critical in software development. In machine learning development, data is the central resource and must also be retained and versioned for a complete picture of project history. Databand versions all pipeline code and data so that every experiment is fully reproducible. Databand is currently in use by a wide range of advanced ML teams, from publicly traded enterprises to startups.


Founded: 2017
Contact: [email protected] 
Funding: $2 Million

Dataloop‘s platform is a one-stop-shop for generating AI datasets from raw visual data – It includes a robust data management environment, an intuitive state-of-the-art annotation tool with algorithm-powered automatic annotation capabilities and AI managed workload for data labeling. Dataloop provides a 10x faster process at a 90% cost reduction. Dataloop make deep learning based computer vision solutions accessible and affordable to all.


Founded: 2016
Contact: [email protected]

Firefly.ai is an AutoML platform for data science professionals that automates the entire model building process, enhancing data science teams’ overall performance and achievement of organizational business goals. Firefly.ai’s scientific edge lays in its proprietary method of searching for the best performing model, applying powerful meta-learning and automatically creating end-to-end pipelines, including automatic pre-processing. Firefly.ai’s solution delivers superior results for a wide range of data science challenges and business use cases.


Founded: 2014

Iguazio provides a Data Science Platform to automate machine learning pipelines. It accelerates the development, deployment and management of AI applications at scale, enabling data scientists to focus on delivering better, more accurate and more powerful solutions instead of spending their time on infrastructure. The platform is open and deployable anywhere – multi-cloud, on prem or edge. Iguazio powers real-time data science applications for financial services, gaming, ad-tech, manufacturing, smart mobility and telecoms. Backed by top financial and strategic VCs including Bosch, Verizon Ventures, Samsung SDS, CME Group and Dell, the company is led by serial entrepreneurs and a diverse team of seasoned innovators in the USA, UK, Singapore and Israel. Iguazio brings data science to life.

MissingLink.ai (inactive)

Founded: 2016
Contact: [email protected]
Investors: SamsungNEXT
Clients: Nanit, Aidoc Medical

MissingLink‘s platform enables users to see how their experiments are performing, get insights, and shorten the decision-making cycles. Users can visually track, document, and manage all their experiments in one dashboard and use Missing Link’s charts to quickly spot vanishing gradients, anomaly detection, overfitting, and more.

ParallelM (acquired)

Founded: 2014
Contact: [email protected]

We are the MLOps Software Company. The biggest challenge in driving successful AI initiatives is effectively managing the performance and business impact of Machine Learning in production. Taking ML into production incurs unique challenges brought on by the need to collaborate between the diverse practices of Ops and Data Science, the complicated nature of ML behavior, the complexities of runtime analytics environments, etc. ParallelM solves these issues, so that enterprises can apply the power of Machine Learning in Production to transform and scale their businesses.


Founded: 2016
Contact: [email protected]

Established in 2016 by PhDs in computational neuroscience, AI and math, Pecan is an innovative Deep Learning platform as a service (PaaS) company. Pecan develops state-of-the-art, automated and general-purpose AI technologies, achieving unprecedented accuracy in a variety of use cases.


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