OX Security Releases LLM AppSec with ChatGPT Integration, OX-GPT

StartupHub.ai Staff

Joining a growing roster of startups capitalizing on the transformative power of Large Language Models (LLMs), OX Security announced its entrance into the florescent Generative AI landscape with the unveiling of its ChatGPT-powered OX-GPT. The integration is designed to enhance the security of software development supply chains.

OX-GPT equips developers with the context they need for the specific issues they face, such as explaining how the code in question might be exploited by hackers, the potential impact and damage of such an attack, and how to take control of their security. The platform facilitates faster and simpler remediation by providing pre-written code to secure and fix the specific issue, coupled with a clear explanation of why the fix is effective. The aim is to dramatically decrease remediation times, thus enhancing the speed and efficiency of resolving crucial security issues throughout the software supply chain.

Co-founded by Neatsun Ziv and Lior Arzi in 2021, former heads of Check Point’s Security Group, OX Security offers an end-to-end software supply chain security solution, providing DevSecOps teams with automation, visibility, and risk insights. The startup raised a $34 million seed funding last year from investors including Team8 and M12. It headcount stands over 50, well over the 30-person target it set out for the year.

OX Security joins other Israeli cybersecurity startups, including Orca Security, BigID, SentinelOne, in leveraging LLMs to bolster their security solutions.

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