API Simulation Startup WireMock Raises $6.5 Million

StartupHub.ai Staff

Wiremock raises $6.5 million. Credit - WireMock.

WireMock has successfully raised $6.5 million in seed funding for its innovative API simulation platform, WireMock Cloud. The investment round was led by Ridge Ventures, with participation from First Rays Venture Partners, Scribble Ventures, and a group of angel investors.

APIs are critical in facilitating seamless integration with third-party platforms, internal software, and applications. Postman’s 2022 State of the API Report found that organizations largely spend more than half their time on APIs. And according to a 2022 survey by RapidAPI, more than half of organizations today (53%) consume third-party APIs as part of their development process. But developing software that interacts with APIs is inherently arduous: relying on live APIs for development purposes can prove costly and often fails to provide developers with the complete range of responses they require, particularly for testing at scale. Inadequate sandboxes, offered by API providers, tend to be unstable, unreliable, and sluggish, which can lead to bottlenecks, especially for synchronization efforts by back- and front-end teams.

In modern software development, building truly functional integrated software necessitates extensive API consumption. However, it is unreasonable to rely solely on live APIs or subpar sandboxes provided by multiple companies, not to mention underdeveloped internal APIs.

Addressing these challenges, WireMock has introduced WireMock Cloud, an API developer productivity platform that empowers developers to create and test software in an API-driven environment. By leveraging OpenAPI specifications, API traffic recording, SDK utilization, and manual creation, this platform enables rapid, secure, and reliable simulation of both third-party and internal APIs. It can even simulate APIs that are still under development, allowing different software teams to progress concurrently, particularly within microservice architectures.

WireMock was co-founded by Uri Maoz and Tom Akehurst. Akehurst originally developed the open-source API mocking tool, WireMock, which now boasts over four million monthly recorded downloads of its Java library, 200 contributors, and adoption by more than 3,000 open-source projects. Akehurst’s MockLab was acquired by UP9 in the end of 2021, giving rise to WireMock.

WireMock Cloud combines the power of the open-source solution with other developer productivity features. Through a product-led growth strategy, WireMock has attracted hundreds of paying customers, including prominent names such as Bilt Rewards, OVO Energy, Jumia, and ePay. The platform records thousands of user registrations per month.

WireMock’s approach enables robust, accurate, and rapid API simulation. The recently secured investment will enable WireMock to expand its US go-to-market team and strengthen its engineering department.

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