The Israeli AI Healthcare Startup Landscape of 2018

Israeli AI Healthcare Startup Landscape 2018

Coming off of the Israeli Artificial Intelligence (AI) Landscape, here’s the first deep dive into a specific sector: healthcare.

Here’s the top insights from the ecosystem analysis:

  1. There are 146 Israeli AI startups operating in the healthcare market segment.
  2. Israeli AI healthcare startups have raised $847M in total cumulative funding.
  3. 67 Israeli AI healthcare startups have raised one or more funding rounds.
  4. Since 2010, only one Israeli AI healthcare startup has exited, Nutrino, acquired by Medtronic for a rumored $100M. It had raised nearly $10M in total funding reflecting an exit multiple precedent of nearly 10 times.
  5. Medical Imaging startups account for 17% of the total group, representing the most concentrated sub-sector within the healthcare.
  6. The top ten most well funded Israeli AI healthcare startups are: EarlySense ($106M), Orcam ($87M), MedCPU ($54M), Medial EarlySign ($50M), Zebra Medical ($50M), TytoCare ($48M), ElmindA ($45M), ($31M), Nanit ($28M) and Intuition Robotics ($)28M.

With only one exit in the last decade, and the most AI startups among any sector in the Israeli AI startup ecosystem, the AI healthcare sector startups should expect to see more frequent exit activity.

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Daniel Singer
Daniel is the founder and editor of He covers Israel’s AI ecosystem developments through startup interviews and sector analyses.

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