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Leaperr is a smart computerized system capable of designing interior spaces independently, by itself, without the need for a human designer. Leaperr enables everyday users (non-professional as well as professional designers) to harness the power of cutting-edge technology and produce high-quality interior designs within minutes. Customers don’t have to imagine or visualize how the design will look like, rather they can actually see it in a “photo like” vivid and tangible image that demonstrates the full visual potential of the space. Anyone can use Leaperr and receive amazing Results. No pre-designing knowledge is required. Leaperr makes it possible to fully realize and visualize the most abstract design plans of interior design while, at the same time save both time and money. Leaperr is a game-changing interior-design paradigm, it makes the process of interior designing easy , quick and even enjoyable.
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Leaperr technology is based on AI that enables automatic and autonomous designs for any interior space. The design is presented online according to predefined requirements and needs, by itself as if it was a human designer. Designs are generated for any space within minutes, all custom-made and personalized to specific customer needs all in “”photo like”” images of the designed space. The AI algorithms capture user’s needs and preferences, interior structure and other constraints. To this end, the user takes a photo of a room, then to fill out a short questionnaire and may also load a reference photo so the system “”understands”” his preferences and personal taste. User may also add constraints such as budget or other preferences – all will be considered in the generated offers. Leaperr is focusing on harmonizing the style of all the furniture placed within a constrained space. The algorithm also considers functionality and environmental aspects while comparing the style similarity of objects or scenes.
Machine LearningDeep LearningComputer Vision
Similarity and Metric Learning
CaffeIBM WatsonKerasPytorchTensorFlow


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