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Daniel is the founder and editor of StartupHub.ai. He covers Israel's AI ecosystem developments through startup interviews and sector analyses.

How AI is Being Used to Optimize Your Wellbeing, With Music

The art of music permeates the globe as a universal expression, but as of late, advances in AI and IoT are elevating it from simply an art form to a whole new echelon rooted in science. What if listening to music was more than just a leisure pastime, and a song was more than just a choice of preference. Rubato.life, a new LA-based startup, released their beta application SDK last week that enables wearable devices

This AI startup developed a personal wellness coach

The current state of today’s connected, information-overloaded era compounded by the uncertainty and hardship due to the COVID19 pandemic weighs heavy on the world, often culminating into heightened stress. Among other afflictions, in numbers, stress is the leading proxy killer in American society and caused nearly in costs to businesses globally last year. As of late, the unconventional yet increasingly popular practice of wellness has been gaining , user and financial endorsement for effectively reducing

This new startup’s AutoML automates the entire machine learning pipeline

Datomize, a Tel Aviv-based startup has come out of stealth mode today to democratize machine learning with a code-free AutoML platform, and pre-seed funding raised from early-stage venture capital firm Taya Ventures, led by serial entrepreneur Kobi Marenko.  The startup’s AutoML platform expedites the pipeline of machine learning model development, covering a host of steps, from data enrichment to deployment. Building on top of the machine learning expertise that’s afforded Marenko successes in his previous

AI Startup Voicefront is Enabling All Brands to Sell on Alexa and Google Assistant

The power of voice as a command interface to your online shopping desires is undeniably convenient. The combination of over integrated with voice assistant technology expected for 2020, and equally massive voice queries gives credence to the market fit behind voice search.  But as the disparity between sales conversion rates for online e-commerce stores (2%) and retail stores (20-40%) persists, and despite voice based sales totaled in 2018, voice technology has yet to disrupt retail

This Startup’s New AutoML Optimizer Supercharges Deep Learning Models to Production

As the deep learning market matures, developers are transitioning their trained models for use in production, ushering in a new set of challenges. Among the difficulties are the need to deploy models built in the lab on commercial hardware with its many computational limitations. These real-world restrictions have a direct impact on the models’ accuracy. With the looming uphill battle AI developers will soon face in continuously optimizing both software and hardware components at inference

This Startup Uses Federated Learning to Enable AI Innovations in Healthcare While Preserving Patient Privacy

Today’s AI is underwhelmingly serving the healthcare industry. Deadlocked by immutable regulations, and rightfully so, safeguarding patient privacy stymies AI developers from applying AI model development with real ground truth patient data. AI has the potential to generate almost in estimated potential annual benefits by 2026 to the global healthcare system, but that outcome is largely tied to how efficiently AI developers can access significant amounts of medical data. According to Mckinsey, executives reported using

An AI Algorithm That Mimics Human Thinking

As it stands, the current world of AI struggles with two major obstacles: generalization and explainability, both of which stem from the neural networks’ inability to conceptualize like or as good as humans. To a large extent, neural networks are excellent pattern matching algorithms. They’re good at solving tasks which use low-cognitive functions. However, where reasoning (high-cognitive functions) is concerned, AI algorithms are still out of reach. While most research is concentrated in trying to

Trenario avatars

This Startup’s Human-Like Avatars Will Revolutionize Corporate Training

Corporate training, often regarded as a dull and avoided process for employees to learn new skills, is undergoing a vibrant paradigm shift. Valued at in 2019 globally, as technological innovations ebb and flow new job markets, new skills are required to be learned by existing employees, but for the most part, they’re never learned well enough. A variety of training and mentorship delivery programs for the workplace exist today, from instructor led courses to online

Vanti Analytics' founders: Smadar David and Niro Osiroff

This Startup Created an AI-as-a-Service Platform to Unlock the Power of Data Science for Technologists

Domain experts’ workflow and data science in the R&D, production, and manufacturing world today fits hand in glove. If you’re a technologist, working with data and continuous exploration and monitoring are commonplace, but supplementing their analysis with cutting edge AI models isn’t. In an effort to patch the skill set gap hindering organizations from tapping into AI, Israeli startup Vanti Analytics has developed a self-service data science platform to equip technologists with universal predictive AI

This AI Startup’s Field Service Solution Could Help Eradicate Malaria for Good

Despite global containment efforts, the Malaria parasite is still very much a threat to today’s world, infecting over 219 million people as of 2017 according to the World Health Organization. But it could be totally eliminated by existing tools. The problem lies in the efficacy and efficiency of operations,and the use of the right means in the right context. Solving that gap is Israeli startup Zzapp with their AI-based mobile application designed both to tailor

Iguazio Raises $24 Million to Accelerate Growth and Global Penetration of its Data Science Platform

Israeli startup Iguazio announced today the close of a $24 million funding round to accelerate its growth and expand the reach of its data science platform to new global markets. Their platform automates machine learning pipelines, enabling a wide range of industries to bring their data science to life. The funding round was led by INCapital Ventures, with participation from existing and new investors, including Samsung SDS, Kensington Capital Partners, Plaza Ventures and Silverton Capital

AI Startup Mine Emerges From Stealth With $3 Million in Funding to Let You Discover and Delete Your Digital Data Footprint

Amid endemic data hacks and breaches, AI data privacy startup Mine has emerged from stealth with a $3 million Seed funding round to disrupt the notion of digital data ownership and finally give consumers leverage in a market that has fundamentally failed them.  Last November, WIRED reported on 1.2 billion customer private records that were exposed, sitting in an unsecured, easily accessible server. In dramatic fashion, another unfathomable trove of personal data wasn’t guarded by

This Startup is Bringing AI to Construction to Enhance Safety and Optimize Project Management

Construction productivity levels are the lowest among all industries, and it’s been that way for a while. reported in 2017 on the languishing growth of the construction sector’s labor-productivity, a mere 1% over the last two decades, compared to 3.6% in the world economy. In an effort to close that gap, , an AI startup is building a holistic solution to bring full visibility to general contractors.  Founded by Omri Sorek (CEO) and Ofer Simon

This Israeli Unicorn is Transforming Human-Machine Interaction with Groundbreaking AI

Since the start of the 20th century, multiple psychological models have emerged to provide a scientific explanation for human motivation and a better understanding of why people do what they do. From the five-factor model, measuring traits like extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, or the HEXACO personality analysis of honesty, humility, and emotionality, among other traits, these models have stood the test of time in explaining the complexities of the convoluted human behavior and its mysterious

This Startup is Using AI to Make Voice Control in Cars Actually Work

The global speech and voice recognition market is estimated to reach $27 billion by 2026, driven in part by the rapid integration of voice control systems in the automotive segment, but current solutions aren’t much to celebrate. Inside a car cabin, speech recognition systems are plagued by overall inaccuracy, largely caused by multiple passenger voices and transient background noise that are immune to directional microphones and noise cancelling. And the technology isn’t new, having been

This RegTech Startup Developed An AI Platform That Helps Banks Meet Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory technology (RegTech), the application of innovative solutions by financial groups in order to achieve regulatory efficiency, experienced major growth against the backdrop of the post 2008 crisis. In 2017, BCG found over 200 regulatory changes occurring per day, either new legislative filings or amendments to existing leading regulations like Basel 2 and 3, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, Solvency II, and GDPR. And earlier this year, the Economist reported on the dramatic rise in major banks’ core

This AI Startup Keeps Counterfeit Components Out of Your Gadgets

Everything in electronics is made of components, capacitors, microprocessors, resistors; chips essentially. If one component in a system fails, the device won’t function as intended. For a smartphone or connected IoT gadget, the adverse effect of a component failure caused by counterfeits isn’t of much of the public’s concern. But for high-grade electronics controlling high impact devices, like those found in MRI machines, ballistic missiles, low-orbit satellites, or commercial aircrafts, with virtually no margin for error,

This Startup Invented a New AI Technology to Provide Complete Network Visibility for Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure

A new forecast estimates there will be 41.6 billion connected IoT devices, generating 79.4 zettabytes of data in 2025. Today, more than 7 million IoT devices are powered up daily and the weaponization of IoT devices is proliferating rapidly as more devices are integrated into networks. Threats from botnets and DDoS for hire services are almost ubiquitous, with high competition and wages as low as $5 per hour. As a result, smart cities are increasingly

Israeli AI Startup Funding Rounds of October 2019

For the month of October 2019, Israel’s AI startups raised $616 million in private funding, up from $231 million of the previous year. For the year of 2019, Israel’s AI startups have raised $3.7 billion in private funding across 173 deals.   Funding rounds: Namogoo, malicious advertisement cyber security, $40 Million C Round DataGen, photo realistic human data generation, $3.5 Million Seed Round Stampli, accounts payable automation platform, $25 Million B Round Duality Technologies, AI based data encryption,

This AI Startup’s Data Platform is Helping Cities Become Truly Smart!

Smart cities, those integrated with IoT and technological solutions to enhance their urban living environment, are on the core agenda for municipalities all over the world. The smart cities market was valued at $50 billion last year and is expected to reach a $1.56 trillion market value by 2025. Hundreds of cities have strategic initiatives put forth to enhance their urban environment. Chicago’s Array of Things project is wiring the city with environmental and congestion