SMS consists of leading experts in the domains of Medicine, medical simulation and training, (Understanding) and software venture management. SMS joined forces with SiTEL (, part of MedStar Health, to develop a unique platform to author medical training simulation titles of an innovative nature: The simulations are operated by free language commands; the trainee will manage a virtual team of medical professionals in coping with real-live medical nightmares. For example: one titile displays an emergency room scene with avatars of a patient, nurses and other medical staff.The trainee is expected to ask — in normal natural language — questions ( what is the patient’s blood pressure? ) and to provide directions and commands ( I need another nurse here! ). SMS job is to understand what the trainee says and to translate it to the computer’s language. We might suggest also clarifying questions if trainee’s intention is not entirely clear. SiTEL on their side take care of running the actual simulation: the graphical display, the actual response to trainees questions and commands, asking the trainee the questions suggested, and so on.
January 2010

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