Optibus revolutionizes public transportation scheduling and operations by introducing Optibize – an innovative, super-fast optimization technology, which is based on new patent pending algorithms. Optibize transforms legacy offline planning and problem handling into an interactive real-time process, thus elevating public transportation companies to operate much more efficiently, reduce cost, and deliver better passenger service. Optibus On-Schedule, powered by Optibize, plans crew and vehicle assignments in seconds, letting schedulers compare different alternatives, immediately choosing the one that is most efficient and appropriate. Also powered by Optibize is Optibus On-Time, which lets control room operators respond in real time to unplanned incidents or changes, preventing negative implications on passenger service and cost. The Optibus solution is provided as a SaaS model, therefore no initial investment, long-term commitment, or local IT expertise are needed. The solution is in use by major bus companies, reducing their OPEX by as much as 7%-15%.
January 2014
B2B, B2G

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