Autonomous Haulage and Automated Open-Pit Mining

Open-pit mining traditionally relies on manual labor in harsh and dangerous conditions,operating big, but ultimately low-tech, machines. Decreasing margins, increasing labor costs, andmounting safety considerations, are pushing mines toautomate; to increase efficiency and work capacity byreducing labor, maintenance, and operating costs, andallow remote command and control. Haulage is a key cost factor, up to 50% of operatingcosts1. Costly and error-prone human drivers runhaulage truck convoys, going back-and-forth along afew kilometers, loading dirt and dumping it, non-stop. The Solution: the most crucial technological component in transforming mines to Autonomous HaulageSystem (AHS), is the intelligent autonomous trucks, that replace human drivers. The useof an AHS has been proven to reduce operational costs by close to 15%, while increasingproductivity by a similar amount generating annual profitability improvement of dozens ofUSD millions per site2. The ROI on integrating an AHS is 1-2 years. Cognimine has mature autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for autonomous off-road driving, coordinating autonomous and driver-operated vehicles and systems, command and control modules, etc. Cognimines autonomous technology, backedby combined 50 years of robotics and AI experience in our technical team, was successfully implemented and demonstrated in several projects of off-road autonomous vehicles. We offer services and technology for converting existing trucks, and full
September 2017
Hardware, Software

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