Wonder Robotics

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Jun 2019
WonderLand is a highly unique solution that allows vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones to land safely and completely autonomously on any uncharted, unprepared, and unattended site, without operator involvement or supervision of any kind. WonderLand is a self-contained airborne POD with complete onboard autonomy and does not depend on any external communication or GPS reception. In simplistic terms, WonderLand combines advanced 2D semantic algorithms to determine an approximate landing area based on various factors (including flight altitude). Using a 3D sensor and proprietary algorithms, it performs a highly complex geometric analysis to verify that the landing site is clear of obstacles, slopes, cables, and other encumbrances, both static and mobile. The drone is then safely and autonomously brought to a perfect precision landing while ensuring that no risk is imposed on nearby objects (e.g., human beings)

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