Formerly known as OnSight Medical

Smart hand held ultrasound transducer

Cardiac ultrasound should be available to any patient anywhere. Our goal is to empower medical professionals to perform timely and accurate cardiac ultrasound regardless of their sonography training. Our software pairs with handheld ultrasound devices to conduct cardiac sonography at the point of care, helping more patients be accurately diagnosed and treated. Point of care ultrasound allows medical professionals use ultrasound to diagnose problems wherever a patient is treated, from doctors offices, community hospitals, ambulances, to remote communities. Our technology addresses user-skill barriers by providing clinicians, regardless of their level of sonography training, real-time on-screen guidance and quality assessment. UltraSight is revolutionizing cardiac sonography through the power of machine learning to enable more accurate and timely clinical decisions. The UltraSight automated guidance system and advanced usability features help to bring the benefits of cardiac imaging to more healthcare professionals in new care settings and provide greater access to patients. UltraSight has won the TCT 2020 Innovation Competition which took place during the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics, the world’s educational meeting specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine. ​Previously known as OnSight Medical, the company has changed its name to UltraS
March 2019

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