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Sep 2019
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As artificial intelligence becomes part of the fabric of daily life, deploying AI at scale is one of the biggest technical challenges of the computing industry. NeuReality's purpose-built AI computing system architecture is designed specifically for the increasing complexity and scale of AI inference applications, enabling the scale of real-life AI applications. This AI-optimized system creates a multiplier effect, lowering TCO by cutting capital costs, reducing energy consumption and shrinking the data center footprint. NeuReality's architecture provides full support of available AI frameworks, providing high levels of flexibility to deploy seamlessly and adapt to any multi-tenant cloud environment or networking protocol. The solution also reduces the dependency on CPUs, NICs and PCI-switches and moves simple but critical data path functions from software to hardware. The applications of this revolutionary infrastructure include a new server class, cloud-aware virtualized SDK, AI-Server-on-a-Chip, and a disaggregated approach that enables ultra-scalability. NeuReality is a semiconductor company creating the next generation of AI-Centric computing system architecture, designed specifically for the growing complexity and scale of real-life AI applications. NeuReality���s innovation allow customers to easily scale their AI usage while significantly cutting costs, lowering energy consumption and shrinking the data center foot

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