Indoor robotics developed an autonomous platform for navigation and operation of robots indoors. Indoor Robotics, aims to provide a true answer to some of the most dangerous, time consuming and costly failures in the monitoring and physical security markets with an emphasis on creating a secure environment within a closed area. With this vision, we have developed Tando, a game-changing holistic solution to perform active monitoring of the premises. The core of the system is a patented highly crafted drone that docks on the ceiling and utilizes advanced sensors to perform routine surveillance (patrolling) and space monitoring. Tando will be the first responder to an anomaly and will allow for early detection of hazards such as fire and water leakages, which has the potential to decrease fatalities and insurance claims by 50%. Moreover, Indoor Robotics proprietary cloud-based Artificial Intelligence anomaly detection software provides further analysis of situations and events which gives the user insight into incidents. All in all, Tando goes beyond the state-of-the-art of monitoring and security systems offering advanced anomaly detection, higher coverage and faster response time at less than 25% the cost of current solutions. Autonomous and periodic security and safety checks have the potential to save lives, property and capital. As in many other markets, monotonous and repetitive actions that require advanced vision capabilities are better suited for robots. In contrast to current solutions (mostly based on fixed sensors), robots can reduce false alarms, increase coverage and perform active surveillance
January 2018
Hardware, Software

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