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Pitango has been investing in exceptional founding teams and disruptive ideas since 1993. Our team has more than 100 years of accumulated experience in building companies into category leaders.

With over $2 billion under management and investments in over 250 companies, Pitango invests in core technology across all stages, via two parallel funds: Pitango VC and Pitango Growth.

We believe innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship are means to make the world a better place. Our commitment is to entrepreneurs who go far beyond the status quo and have a world-changing vision.

And we believe that diversity and inclusion are key in building a strong community of entrepreneurs. The Israeli society is as strong as its diversity and inclusion efforts, so is the tech ecosystem, who should endeavor as a whole to play a rodel in its inclusion efforts.

Our name reflects our ethos. The Pitango is a fruit that grows in abundance throughout Israel, yet the ripest fruits are a challenge to find. Just like finding the right company takes a good eye for opportunity, persistence and skill the sweetest Pitangos are hard to find, hidden by dense foliage. Once found, the effort is worth it.

Idit Muallem-YedidPartner and Board Member1
Rami KalishGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Ittai HarelManaging General Partner and Board Member1
Chemi PeresManaging Partner, Head of the Investment Committee and Board Member
The profile picture of Yair CassutoYair CassutoPartner and Board Observer1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
ZorroActive2022Healthcare, Insurance, Enterprise$11.5M
Quantum Source LabsActive2021Quantum Computing$27M
ProtaiActive2021Life Sciences, Drug Discovery, Proteomics, Drug Development$20M
Ahoy! InsuranceActive2021Fintech, Insurance, Recreational Boat, Maritime
AnywhereActive2021Enterprise, Employee Engagement
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
QuantHealthSeries AAugust 20234
The company logo of Nevia BioNevia BioSeedAugust 20234
Tomorrow.ioSeries EJune 20238
The logo of VolumezVolumezSeries AApril 20233
Quantum Source LabsSeedApril 20235
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalVenture Capital197238
Jerusalem Venture PartnersVenture Capital199345
Viola VenturesVenture Capital200057
Pitango Venture CapitalVenture Capital199357

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Pitango Venture Capital

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
ZorroActiveHealthcare, Insurance, Enterprise$11.5M2119.0%
Quantum Source LabsActiveQuantum Computing$27M3429.9%
ProtaiActiveLife Sciences, Drug Discovery, Proteomics, Drug Development$20M242.4%
Ahoy! InsuranceActiveFintech, Insurance, Recreational Boat, Maritime160.0%
AnywhereActiveEnterprise, Employee Engagement530.0%
FinoutActiveFintech, Observability, DevOps, Development$18.5M392.5%
QuantHealthActiveLife Sciences, Patient, Clinical Trials, Drug Development, Computational Biology, Pharmaceutical, Data$17.6M1924.2%
Laguna HealthActiveHealthcare, Therapy, Patient Care, Recovery$22.6M360.0%
The logo of VolumezVolumezActiveTechnology, Data, Storage, Cloud$20M3942.4%
KomodorActiveSoftware Development, Kubernetes, Enterprise, Technology, DevOps$67M741.3%
AlikeActiveWellness, Healthcare$5M212.7%
OpenEyes InsuranceActiveAutomotive, Insurance, Fintech, Fleet$23M297.5%
SwimmActiveEnterprise, Development, Knowledge Management$27.6M600.0%
SpeedataActiveEnterprise, Analytics, Data, VLSI, Chip, Acceleration, Data Center$70M785.2%
The company logo of PayEmPayEmActiveFintech$227M980.0%
ARMOActiveEnterprise, Open Source, Kubernetes, Cyber Security$34.5M550.0%
Indoor RoboticsActiveRobotics, Security, Drones, Indoor$17.7M412.3%
AI21 LabsActiveTechnology, AI Enablers, Core AI, Artificial General Intelligence, Writing, Text, Generative AI$273.5M20517.3%
LumigoActiveEnterprise, Information Technology (IT), Serverless$37M45-9.0%
NexiteActiveRetail, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Indoor, Chip, Self-Checkout$100M720.0%
The logo of CyberMDXCyberMDXAcquiredHealthcare, Cyber Security$30M690.0%
D-IDD-IDActiveTechnology, Biometrics, Image, Video Recognition, Video, Analytics, Privacy, GDPR, Synthetic Media, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Media, New Media, Video Content Personalization, Video Creation, Generative AI$42.5M10731.7%
AquantActiveIndustrial, Optimization, Service Recommendations, Predictive Analytics, Service Operations, Customer Service, Customer Support$112.6M1502.2%
SayataActiveFintech, Marketplace, Insurance, SMB, Cyber Security$60M731.4%
Tomorrow.ioActiveTechnology, Weather, Prediction, Climate$259M2300.7%
ConvizitActiveMarketing, Analytics, Web Analytics$6M19-1.7%
Perception PointActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Incident Response, Phishing, Malware, Threat Detection$38M123-3.0%
The company logo of Nevia BioNevia BioActiveHealthcare,  FemTech$5M80.0%
CLEWActiveHealthcare, Emergency Room, ICU Management, Predictive Analytics$20.5M31-1.1%
BrowsiActiveMarketing, Optimization, Ad Optimization$3M70-0.8%
Tailor BrandsActiveMarketing, Platform, Design Platform, Automation$70.6M4755.9%
Logz.ioActiveEnterprise, Information Technology (IT), Log, DevOps$123M203-4.8%
VariantYXActiveHealthcare, Genomics, Sequencing$74.5M149-12.8%
OptibusActiveTransport and Logistics, Scheduling, Transportation, Optimization, Planning, Smart City, Public Transport, Mobility$260M3830.5%
The logo of IguazioIguazioAcquiredTechnology, AI Enablers, Data, Database, IoT, MLOps, Deep Learning, ML, AutoML$72M81-3.3%
LumenActiveHealthcare, Nutrition, Lifestyle$79.9M22915.2%
Parallel MAcquiredTechnology, AI Enablers, Predictive Analytics, Edge Computing0.0%
UbimoAcquiredMarketing, Analytics, Location Intelligence$9.5M0.0%
Imvision TechnologiesAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Cyber Posture, API$8M60.0%
NeuraAcquiredTechnology, Mobile, IoT, Consumer, Data$34M0.0%
LocalizeActiveProptech, Real Estate$36M1042.3%
RiskifiedPublicFintech, Fraud Prevention, Merchant, Risk Management, Transactions, Chargebacks$228.7M769-1.0%
SalespredictAcquiredMarketing, Predictive Analytics$5.1M0.0%
ViaActiveMobility, Ride Service, App, Ridesharing$887.1M144410.1%
MedisafeActiveHealthcare, Adherence, Prevention, App$51.5M1165.5%
MendActiveOpen Source, Cloud, Cyber Security, Enterprise, Development$121.5M304-6.4%
ShakerAcquiredSocial Media, Personal$20M0.0%
The logo of DudaDudaActive Website, Development, Internet$91.3M3560.0%
Signals AnalyticsAcquiredEnterprise, Analytics, Market Intelligence$35M0.0%
SilkActiveTechnology, Cloud, Database, Enterprise, Optimization$294M32720.5%
TaboolaPublicMarketing, Content, Content Generation, Content Discovery Platform, Real-Time Bidding, Video$160M16880.0%
AnobitAcquiredChip, Semiconductor, Flash, Memory$49M0.0%
OptimalPlusAcquiredIndustrial, Analytics, Semiconductor, Electronics, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, Automotive$83M0.0%
Varonis SystemsPublicCyber Security, Enterprise$15M0.0%
The company logo of CelenoCelenoAcquiredChip, WiFi$138M1270.0%
The logo of EarlySenseEarlySenseInactiveHealthcare, Monitor, Patient$150M680.0%
ClearforestAcquiredEnterprise, Intelligence$19.5M0.0%