At Fort Ross Ventures, our capital, connections and capabilities transform mid and growth stage startups into global leaders. With unparalleled access to major corporate partners, key enterprise customers, and cutting-edge talent across Eastern Europe, we open doors for the companies we invest in and foster opportunities for accelerating growth in the world’s fourth largest economic block. By connecting the world’s best entrepreneurs with our unique global network of investors, operators, technical experts, and strategic partners, we lay the groundwork for accelerating growth—in Eastern Europe and beyond. Focused on providing Series B and Series C financing, we also fund later-stage rounds when we see strategic alignment with our growth-centric mission and opportunities to add incremental value. Driven by a relentless focus on investing in innovation, we help transform disruptors and innovators into industry leaders. With our global reach and experience as trusted partners and committed investors, we enable rapidly expanding businesses to create the right go-to-market strategy, build teams, scale execution, and achieve strategic objectives. Like the eponymous commercial outpost established in 1812 as the first Russian settlement in the United States (in what is now Sonoma County), Fort Ross Ventures has built on the unique backgrounds and cross-border relationships of its principals to create a wealth of opportunities for mid and growth stage startups to expand internationally.

Venture Capital

Total Funds


Average Exit Multiple

2.54 x


Sharin Fisher

Investment Portfolio

Investment Round History

October 20, 2021
Series A

Funds Raised

November 2021
$100000000 M
March 2020
$235000000 M
April 2018
$200000000 M



July 13, 2022

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