Xsight Labs

AI Chipset for Data Centers

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Business Overview

Xsight Labs is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Kiryat Gat, Israel with additional offices in Tel-Aviv and Binyamina. In the United States, Xsight Labs has offices in Boston, MA, Raleigh, NC, and San Jose, CA.

Founded in 2017, Xsight Labs has assembled a world-class engineering team to re-architect the foundation of cloud infrastructure by delivering a broad portfolio of products that enable end-to-end connectivity. Xsight Labs’ technology delivers exponential bandwidth growth while reducing power and total cost of ownership.

Building on over 20 years of experience in developing and productizing multiple generations of cloud infrastructure products, the Xsight Labs executive team is focused on tackling modern data center challenges.

Operating Status
March 2017
Business model
Offering type
Funding stage
Series B
Total funding
$216 Million
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Xsight Labs
Guy Koren
AI Expert
Xsight Labs
Erez Shaizaf
AI Expert
Xsight Labs
Gal Malach
AI Expert

Board Members and Advisors

Xsight Labs
Tsahi Daniel
Board Advisor
Xsight Labs
Scott Tobin
Board Member

Funding Rounds

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May 2020
Series B
$80 M
September 2018
Series A

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Cloud infrastructure is evolving rapidly with the introduction of a broad range of xPUs, storage, and ML/AI accelerators. Xsight Labs is developing a portfolio of products that will drive the seamless adoption of these innovative technologies. Xsight Labs’ technology will help Cloud Service Providers accelerate their innovation velocity by maximizing the use of these added resources without additional overhead.

Xsight Labs has multiple products in development for the next generation of cloud service providers and hyperscale data center networks, enabling feature velocity and exponential bandwidth growth, while lowering power and total cost of ownership.

Building on a strong foundation, Xsight Labs has successfully executed on a new data center switch architecture, delivering unmatched performance with remarkably low power. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Data center fabric – X1:
The X1 family delivers high radix, high bandwidth, low latency, programmable switches providing Cloud Service Providers and Hyperscalers with a flat and transparent network.

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Horizontal AI
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Artificial Intelligence

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