Speech Recognition Onboarding Solution for Non-Standard Speech Patterns

Digital Health, Speech, Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing Speech Recognition

Business Overview

Voiceitt is a speech recognition company developing pioneering voice accessibility systems for individuals with non-standard speech patterns. Our solutions repair vocal communication breakdowns, and we are committed to helping children and adults around the world communicate freely, spontaneously, and naturally by voice.

January 2012
Business model
B2B, B2B2C, B2C, B2G
Offering type
Funding stage
Series A
Business stage
Total funding
$15.8 Million
Digital Health, Speech, Technologies

Funding Rounds

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AI Technology Stack

AI Description

AI is a critical component of Voiceitt’s core innovation, and we place a high priority on developing AI systems in our core technology offering. Through the use of AI, Voiceitt can understand and interpret speech that has been severely affected by illness or disability. Our use of artificial intelligence enables our technology’s discrimination power to become increasingly accurate over time. This is of crucial importance for non-standard speech and for individuals with conditions that cause degeneration in speech over time (e.g. ALS). In addition, since the system is speaker-dependent and continuously learning, the user experience becomes more accurate and enjoyable as the Voiceitt becomes increasingly familiar with the user.

AI employees
AI application
Horizontal AI
AI types
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition
ML types
Supervised Learning
AI algorithms
Clustering, Hidden Markov Model, K-Means, Neural Networks
AI tools
Swift, TensorFlow
C++, Julia
AI hardware

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