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0.3 years

Munch is the new home for content professionals. It provides automatic content repurposing, intelligent distribution, and data-driven content creation using the latest AI technology

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Lists, Webullar, Wand, Visual Layer, Vinco, Upword, Todale, Tagado, Tabnine, Storywise AI, Smart NPC, Sloyd, Skeep, Sighteer,, Sefirot AI, Second Nature, SDR-GPT, saywhatt, Resumator, Renovai, Quantum Integrity, Playo, Peech, Opt-AI, OneView, One AI, Octo AI, Lychee, Loora, Leo AI, KAMI Computing, Iteraite, Hear.AI, Impro.AI, iBrainy, Glossai, Genrate, Geenie.AI, Fine, Fignel, Everminds,, DaatAI, Cyclops Security, CannyAI, BuildAI, Bridgewise, Botika, Bored, Blend AI, Augmented Intelligence (AUI), Astria AI, Art AI, AIPower, 3Dfy, Xoltar, Wild Moose, Tymely AI, theGist, Tastewise, ImagenAI, Hour One, Hedgify AI, deepdub, Declarai, Traceloop, Sett, EdWithAI, Life-Medic, Flexor AI, Lizzy AI, Onside AI, Snowmate,, Datomize, Hogen AI, Munch, apprentAI, VSL Labs, Skippr,, Octup, Checksum, AskVirgil, Aiode, Atomic Labs, MISTRIX, FinityX, Overmatter, Varolio, Spacetink, Qualifire, Playstream.GG, MGK Labs, Larium, Kitkoo, Doti, Cypago, Cyder, Cerebrate AI, Adge, Black Ore, Yess AI, Verax AI, Unleash, Tavily, Synt AI, Startrace, Social Wonder, Shape AI,, LivingAI, Lightricks,, Jimini Health, Jedify, Health.Ei, FunneLoop, Eself, Echo Robocode, Dream, Decart AI, DEAN, Claro AI, Blueskai,, Spiritt, Wimmi, WalleWorkers AI, pywebagent, Prompt Security, Kumbengo, Aim Security, FASHN, Dono, Chordio, Airis Labs, UGlabs, Tencycle, Synq-Up, Slice, Seal Security, Novia101, Neural Wave,, Guidde, GenieLabs, FalkorDB, Entor, EntityMed, Cyera, Colleen AI, Cart Tune, Anyword,

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Founders (2)

hiddenPeter Naftaliev
CTOSerial Entrepreneur, AI Expert
hiddenOren Kandel

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Funding Rounds (1)


RoundDateCapital RaisedValuationInvestors
November 2023

M&A Events (0)

Investors (5)

InvestorInvestor TypeLocation
hiddenLiquid2 Ventures
Venture CapitalUnited States
hiddenRemagine Ventures
Venture CapitalIsrael
hiddenA* Capital
Venture CapitalUnited States
hiddenCardumen Capital
Venture CapitalIsrael
hiddenRon Levy

Patents (0)

Research Publications (0)

Certifications (0)

AI Technology Stack

Jobs (0)

NameStatusFoundedStageFundingValuationEmployees1YR Headcount GrowthFounder UnitsFounder Classification

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