Maverick’s mCoder™ Deep Learning AI understands and converts the patient charts into medical codes without coders’ involvement. Autonomous coding delivers significant productivity gains and transforms highly valuable and scarcely available coders to perform the auditors’ role for more complex encounters and documents. However, the majority of the coded documents will automatically move to billing. Maverick’s autonomous coding solutions also applies algorithms consistently, thereby eliminating variability among coders with different skills and experiences. Lastly, the AI platform can tirelessly read large encounter documents and derive all relevant codes with an impressive degree of accuracy. Maverick’s experience indicates that autonomous coding can improve coders/auditors’ productivity by 3 times. • Reduced costs– free up human coders for other essential tasks• Increased accuracy—reducing claim denials and mitigating audit risks • Increased speed—offering coding results in minutes rather than days • On-demand capacity—giving you increased scalability and flexibility
May 2018

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