4 is the first platform to provide all the tools needed to help you stand out on Amazon, as it offers exclusive data, algorithms, and tools for identifying exceptional products, making them unique, and launching them 10x faster and more effectively than traditional methods. Gennie is an AI tool that offers PL sellers potentially profitable products based on international marketplaces (Chinese), as well as recommendations from Amazon. With Gennie. Ai you can get a chance to discover untapped products with high profitability potential from huge global marketplaces including Amazon. Get access to over 1,000 products that have the right data to help you launch a winning product. ‏Every day Geenie.AI releases new products, don’t miss the chance to find your next product!

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
Avi Goldfinger0
Fusion LAAccelerator20,000,000
Yair Miron0
Yoni Elbaz0

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