Eye Tracking Based Communication for Speech Impaired Patients

AR VR, Communication, Healthcare
Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Natural Language Processing

Business Overview

The founders of EyeFree Assisting Communication Ltd. developed EyeControl, an assistive communication device for patients that are “locked-in” in to their bodies, individuals with full cognitive function but are unable to speak or move their limbs. All of the founders have a personal connection to ALS and other “locked-in” patients and they have a deep understanding of the need for an affordable, wearable and easy to use device. Together, they developed a wearable device which allows patients to communicate using only their eye movements, without the need for a screen. The EyeControl device is designed for use by patients with ALS and similar disorders that affect the ability to communicate. This includes patients within ICU departments that may be temporarily unable to communicate and need an effective way to express their needs to medical staff. The image processing of the device is also relevant in other fields such as eye tracking for AR/VR.

January 2016
Business model
B2B, B2C
Offering type
Funding stage
Series A
Total funding
$10 Million
AR VR, Communication, Healthcare, Image Processing, Vision Impairment

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Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing

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