Exodigo is a revolutionary non-intrusive subsurface imaging platform providing a digital geolocated 3D map of buried assets. Our team has a decade of experience in ground-penetrating technologies. We use a combination of multi-sensor fusion and artificial intelligence to dramatically improve accuracy and time to map while reducing damages and costs associated with unnecessary excavation. It can be used to detect any buried object at any scale or terrain, from man-made pipes and cables to soil layers, rocks, minerals, and even groundwater, from crowded urban environments to vast rural ones. Our goal is to minimize the number of re-designs caused by unexpected utilities, and therefore, de-risk the entire project while lowering the project’s overall carbon footprint by obsoleting unnecessary drillings and usage of the wrong machinery. Improved accuracy from initial mapping also results in less coordination with utility companies, safer excavations, and a fast “as-made” validation of sub-contractors’ execution.
May 2021

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