DOTS developed a revolutionary, patented, Electro-optical sensor and algorithm to monitor nitrate 24/7 in agricultural soils.Modern agriculture depends heavily on precise water and nutrient availability in the soil. While technological means to monitor and control the soil-water conditions are well developed, and commercially available, monitoring and controlling the nutrient levels in the soil is still far from achieving the required resolution for both optimal plant growth and prevention of water resources pollution.Due to the lack of real-time information on nutrient availability for their crops in the soil, farmers tend to overdose the soil with fertilizers, to prevent potential crop damage related to nutrient deficiency.Resultantly, a major portion of the implemented fertilizers is leached down to groundwater in the form of nitrate, leading to water resources pollution and disqualification for human consumption. Additionally, this also causes major financial loss for the agricultural sector in terms of wasted fertilizers.the DOTS Solution:A patented sensor and system, for in-situ real-time measurement of nitrate levels in the soil, enabling the optimization of fertilizer application during agricultural activity.Following a series of laboratory and field trials, our proven and patented technology has shown the ability to decrease the use of agricultural resources, without lowering yields, while dramatically reducing groundwater pollution.
May 2021
Hardware, Software

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