Donde Fashion

Visual Search for Shopping Results

Retail, Visual Search Engine
Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Natural Language Processing

Business Overview

Donde Fashion makes it simple for users to find the exact outfits they want by searching according to visual features across thousands of brands and retailers in seconds. Donde’s search uses artificial-intelligence technology to think like the shopper, so it displays results that are exactly what they have in mind.

Operating Status
July 2014
Business model
B2B2C, B2C
Offering type
Funding stage
Series A
Total funding
$10 Million
Retail, Visual Search Engine

Funding Rounds

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February 2019
Series A
$6.5 M
October 2017
$3.5 M
February 2014

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Donde was established in 2014 as a result of our founder Liat Zakay’s “shopstration” – the common frustration one feels when shopping and wasting hours of one’s time trying to find an item that fits our taste and needs perfectly. Today Donde is transforming the online shopping experience by using its award winning AI, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing technology to help e-commerce sites mimic the way their customers think about products.

AI employees
AI types
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing

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