We are embarking to provide researchers, physicians, and software developers the ability to interact with and develop upon, the world’s most extensive brain activity Big Data platform.That’s why we are innovating the definition of ‘interface’ in a “Brain-Computer Interface”.The key to our breakthrough is pre-FDA-approved hardware. With it, practically anyone can capture brain activity in a manner that allows it to be seamlessly processed for insights by Big Data-oriented AI/ML. Once a critical mass of brain activity data is achieved, we will sunset the hardware play, for a software play. Here, we will provide tools with which to interpret, analyze and build brain activity insights, products, and services.To realize this vision requires us to bring to market a comprehensive and affordable end-to-end technology stack that includes non-invasive brain activity mapping and monitoring, validated Big Data interpretation and insights, through compliance and deployment flows.
May 2018
Hardware, Software

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