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May 2021
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Ahoy! Is a new-age Insurance provider focused on the Recreational Boating domain. We are a group of boating experts, ex Naval Officers, experienced high-tech executives, accomplished entrepreneurs and top investors who are all passionate about protecting the joy of our customer boaters. We understand that a boat is way more than just a vessel or an asset to its owner and that it is providing joy, opportunities to connect with friends and families, a relaxation outlet, and is a status symbol. And we are here to help our customers enjoy all of that hustle and worry free. Our mission is to turn Recreational Boating insurance from being a financial hedge into a proactive asset which protects the boat owner's cherished asset and provides peace of mind. And we do that by perfecting and modernizing every touch point in the customer lifecycle. But we go even beyond... Not only we will delight the customer at time of consideration, insurance purchasing and, for sure, at time of need, meaning when something bad happened but we are taking an active approach to ensure that nothing bad will happen to begin with. Using our proprietary, on-board, IoT technology, as well as AI and Big Data we continuously monitor the state of our customer's boat and provide proactive alerts on "bad things that could happen". Case in point is our alerts sent to owners of boats which dock unattended in a marina about an accumulating water level in the bilges. Or even our ability to send an alert while sailing about a pending risk of hitting a reef. All of these and more position us to be the (un)insurance second mate (pun intended) of our customers.







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