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David CohenManaging Partner and Board Member1
Amnon Bar LevCEO and Board Member1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
The company logo of BrandaBrandaActive2022Legal, Brand Protection, Brand, Enterprise
Koala InsightsInactive2021 Pets, Healthcare, App120000
The logo of RenbizzRenbizzActive2021
TutoActive2020Customer Insights, Product, Enterprise
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
WaveBLSeries BJune 20237
WibFunding RoundNovember 20224
TaTiOSeedOctober 20229
SuridataSeries AApril 20226
InthegameSeedSeptember 20205
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Jerusalem Venture PartnersVenture Capital199345
UpWest LabsVenture Capital201230
2B.VCVenture Capital200918
Marius NachtAngel24

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ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
The company logo of BrandaBrandaActiveLegal, Brand Protection, Brand, Enterprise0.0%
Koala InsightsInactive Pets, Healthcare, App1200000.0%
The logo of RenbizzRenbizzActive120.0%
TutoActiveCustomer Insights, Product, Enterprise8-8.4%
MotivisionActiveFitness, Wellness3-28.0%
LagoonActiveFintech, Intelligence, Investing14-13.4%
The company logo of CalosenseCalosenseActiveHealthcare90.0%
SuridataActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Data, PII, GDPR, Compliance$11.1M33-2.9%
TaTiOActiveEducation, Assessment, Recruitment, Enterprise, HR$5.3M21-12.2%
SafeHouse TechnologiesActiveCyber Security, IoT$2.8M7610.8%
The logo of BridgifyBridgifyActiveTravel, Hospitality240000211.7%
WibActiveFintech, Data, API, Cyber Security$16M720.0%
QseeActiveIndustry 4.0, Predictive Analytics, Quality Control4000007-5.4%
The logo of Cassiopeia TechCassiopeia TechAcquiredEnterprise, HR310.0%
GreenEye TechnologyActiveAgritech, Monitor, Pest Control$29M4014.0%
CASTORActive3D Printing, 3D, Manufacturing, Industrial$5.9M336.1%
FixelAcquiredMarketing, Advanced Targeting, Audience Segmentation, E-Commerce10000090.0%
InthegameActiveMedia, Gaming, TV$1.2M14-3.2%
CometMLActiveTechnology, AI Enablers, MLOps, Data Science Platform, Machine Learning, Training$69.8M1007.5%
Qanta.aiInactiveFintech, Lending, Assistant$1M0.0%
OriientActiveTechnology, GPS, Indoor GPS$15M471.0%
EcoPlant Technological InnovationAcquiredIndustrial, Monitor$9.7M23-4.0%
Cemento.aiActiveIndustrial, Construction, Project Management1000003213.1%
HolistoMergedTravel, Hospitality$6.8M1030.0%
Robin Hood proActiveFintech, Personal, Retirement0.0%
WaveBLActiveTechnology, Blockchain, Document, Digital, Encryption$34M620.0%
ImpersonAcquiredMarketing, Customer Interaction, Chatbot$3M50.0%
SenexxAcquiredEnterprise, Internal3000000.0%

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