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Sirius Venture Capital partners have unique expertise, experiences and personal stories.

The name Sirius is origined Greek and means “sparkling” or “burning”. In the past, these adjectives were common to any star, but Sirius was always the best example because it is the brightest star at sky on Earth. This star belongs to the constellation of Cão Maior, which in Brazil becomes more evident in the summer months. One of our partners on a trip to Chile, was inspired by the slogan “We’re All Made of Stars”, because all our team, partners and invested startups, is part of the Sirius star.

Sirius Venture Capital has a large, strong investor partner network, diversified in knowledge, experience and networking.

We are advisers, analysts, investors and entrepreneurs. We are always available to entrepreneurs who have a purpose, talent and daring to build companies that will change the future of Brazil and the world.

Our style is not for everyone. We push when we see potential. We are direct. Some don’t like our approach. Most of those who know us know.

Cidinaldo BoschiniPartner1
Marcos Bernardo CamposPartner1
Felipe Pinho da CostaPartner1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
AgroScoutActive2017Agritech, Sensors, Satellite Imagery$10.5M
MetoMotionActive2016Agritech, Harvest, Robotics, Image Processing, Autonomous$11M

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