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SciFi VC invests in early stage companies whose defensibility is derived from hard technical feats, network effects, and complex highly regulated industries. SciFi began as the investment arm of Max Levchin’s startup studio, HVF.

SciFi is Max and Nellie Levchin’s venture fund that partners with exceptional founders solving hard problems that require intense curiosity, intellectual depth, and often, science.

We believe that technology will enable the next generation of financial products that combine access, efficiency, and transparency for businesses and consumers. Our fintech investments include credit, infrastructure, insurance, payments, and real estate.

Marketplaces are complex businesses that require intense intellectual rigor to build, and we deeply understand the underlying density dynamics. We are particularly interested in fintech marketplaces, labor marketplaces, and marketplaces digitizing huge legacy markets.

Our mission is to bring science fiction to reality. We actively invest in the commercialization of breakthrough technologies such as machine learning, CRISPR, robotics, and quantum computing. Studying these breakthroughs in depth ourselves enables us to be true thought partners with companies bringing these advances to market.

Breakout companies can be built in any category, so we are excited to back inspiring founders across sectors. We seek out exceptional founders in hard, regulated, or technical markets such as enterprise software, healthcare, and security.


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