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Were Salesforces strategic venture arm focused on creating the worlds largest ecosystem of enterprise cloud companies. Since 2009, weve formed partnerships and helped accelerate the growth of over 375 technology startups.

Matt GarrattManaging Partner
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Avalor SecurityActive2021Enterprise, Cyber Security$25M
LaminarAcquired2020Enterprise, Cyber Security, DevSecOps, Data, Data Leakage Prevention, Privacy, API, Data Exfiltration, Cloud$67M
BalanceActive2020Fintech, Payments, E-Commerce$86.5M
Monte CarloActive2019Technology, Enterprise, Data, Development, Artificial Intelligence, Observability, MLOps$236M
The company logo of BringgBringgActive2018Delivery, Transport and Logistics, Mobility$170M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
Avalor SecuritySeries AApril 20232
BalanceSeries BJuly 202212
LaminarSeries AJune 20226
Monte CarloSeries DMay 20227
Linear BSeries BMay 20224
Fund NameDate Announced
Generative AI FundMarch 2023
Salesforce Ventures raises $100 millionOctober 2020
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Institutional Venture PartnersVenture Capital19805
Sequoia CapitalVenture Capital197238
Viola VenturesVenture Capital200057
AlephVenture Capital201346

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Salesforce Ventures

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
Avalor SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$25M580.0%
LaminarAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, DevSecOps, Data, Data Leakage Prevention, Privacy, API, Data Exfiltration, Cloud$67M10313.8%
BalanceActiveFintech, Payments, E-Commerce$86.5M9812.8%
Monte CarloActiveTechnology, Enterprise, Data, Development, Artificial Intelligence, Observability, MLOps$236M36024.9%
The company logo of BringgBringgActiveDelivery, Transport and Logistics, Mobility$170M2620.0%
Linear BActiveEnterprise, DevOps, Development, CI/CD, DevTools$67.6M1155.2%
Upstream SecurityActiveAutomotive, Cyber Security, Connected Vehicle$102M129-1.1%
BigIDActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Personal Identifiable Information, Data Protection$246.1M5522.5%
GongActiveEnterprise, Sales, Call Performance$583.1M14005.5%
SnykActiveEnterprise, Development, Open Source, Cyber Security, DevSecOps$1.2B1125-5.2%
ZoominActiveEnterprise, Customer Support, Knowledge$73M148-3.2%
ZenCityActiveSmart City, Data, Data Platform, Government$52.2M135-2.8%
Techsee Augmented VisionActiveEnterprise, Customer Support, Augmented Reality (AR)$53.5M115-3.5%
HUMANMergedEnterprise, Cyber Security, Chatbot$149M1050.0%
ForterActiveFintech, Fraud Prevention, E-Commerce, Transactions$525M6114.2%
CooladataAcquiredTechnology, AI Enablers, Data$13M60.0%
CloudinaryActiveMedia, Management, Video$110M4511.1%
The logo of CheckmarxCheckmarxAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Cloud$14.5M9050.0%

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