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Next Gear Ventures invests in smart mobility early stage startups. The fund targets game-changing companies and has an exclusive strategic relationships with DRIVE – Israel’s leading smart mobility innovation center.

The automotive and mobility ecosystem is going through an accelerated disruption process, driven by game-changing technologies and business model innovations. Autonomous driving, connectivity between vehicles and systems as well as new functionalities and smart traffic management are disrupting the industry at a tremendous pace. Israeli innovations are at the forefront of this technological eruption. Subsequently, the majority of multi-national automotive corporates are actively seeking and acquiring Israeli smart mobility startups, creating exceptional investment opportunities!

Tal CohenPartner and Board Member1
The profile picture of Omer ShacharOmer ShacharPartner1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Midnight RoboticsAcquired2019Agritech, Autonomous, LIDAR, Sensor, Camera, Farming
The logo of NT-TaoNT-TaoActive2019Energy,  Nuclear, Cleantech, Climate$27.5M
The logo of OttopiaOttopiaActive2018Automotive, Autonomous, Teleoperation, Industrial, Mining$26.5M
ForetellixActive2018Automotive, Connected Vehicle, Tools, Testing$91M
AutofleetActive2017Automotive, Fleet Management, Optimization$27.5M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
The logo of NT-TaoNT-TaoSeries AAugust 20237
NoTrafficSeries BJune 20239
InfinidomeSeries AApril 20233
The logo of NT-TaoNT-TaoSeries AFebruary 20237
The logo of OttopiaOttopiaSeries AJanuary 20235
Fund NameDate Announced
Next Gear Ventures raises $30 millionDecember 2019
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
lool venturesVenture Capital201222
Maniv MobilityVenture Capital201418
83NorthVenture Capital200635
UpWest LabsVenture Capital201230

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Next Gear Ventures

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
Midnight RoboticsAcquiredAgritech, Autonomous, LIDAR, Sensor, Camera, Farming0.0%
The logo of NT-TaoNT-TaoActiveEnergy,  Nuclear, Cleantech, Climate$27.5M1214.4%
The logo of OttopiaOttopiaActiveAutomotive, Autonomous, Teleoperation, Industrial, Mining$26.5M47-0.9%
ForetellixActiveAutomotive, Connected Vehicle, Tools, Testing$91M1177.1%
AutofleetActiveAutomotive, Fleet Management, Optimization$27.5M7414.9%
MDGOActiveAutomotive, In-Car Monitoring, Passenger Health$2.4M31-12.4%
AddionicsActiveTechnology, Battery, 3D$36.5M633.1%
NoTrafficActiveArtificial Intelligence, Anomaly Detection, Automotive, Autonomous, Smart City, Infrastructure, Big Data, Mobility, Data Platform, Data Science, Data, Data Analytics, Datasets, Data Management, Computer Vision, AI Enablers, Driver Behavior, Edge Computing, Traffic, Municipality, Public Safety, RADAR, Camera, Optimization, Route Optimization, Social, Image Processing, Industry 4.0, Industrial, Industrial Control Systems, Infotainment, Insurance, Behaviour Tracking, Energy, Fleet Management, GDPR, GPS, IIoT, IoT, Hardware, Software Development$70.7M8814.0%
KardomeActiveTechnology, Speech$1M225.4%
WayCareAcquiredAutomotive, Connected Vehicle, Traffic, Smart City$10.6M120.0%
InfinidomeActiveIoT, GPS, Cyber Security$13M288.6%
MoodifyActiveAutomotive, Technology, Emotional Intelligence, Healthcare, Driver Behavior, Non-invasive, In-Car Monitoring$10.3M294.0%

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