Micron Ventures

Business Overview

The Micron Ventures team identifies and directs Micron’s investments in technology-first startups, creating value from new compute architectures and applied AI and machine learning solutions.

AI is rapidly evolving, and so is Micron to meet the needs of our customers.

As a leading global semiconductor company working across industry verticals, Micron is uniquely positioned to accelerate portfolio companies into global markets through R&D support, productization, and collaborative market entry.

Micron has the expertise and experience to optimize your AI/ML/DL systems with the right memory and storage solutions.

  1. Train your machines with data when and where you need it. Micron innovations in 3D NAND and high-performance, high-capacity storage and memory make our hardware a go-to solution for the fast and vast amounts of data it takes for effective machine learning.
  2. Boost big data with AI and fast memory and storage. Solid state drives can support massive bandwidth. Fast memory and storage let you get more data closer to processing engines for faster analytics.
  3. Smarten up edge devices. AI systems often need computing and data filtering at the network edge, pre-processing data prior to ingest. Intelligent edge-of-network devices need Micron’s high-performance and low-power memory.
  4. Get to the science of data management with Micron. Intelligent devices rely on more data to provide useful experiences, but they also create more data. Micron delivers the capacity and performance to handle the increasing data throughout the AI landscape.
  5. Supercharge your infrastructure. Micron has a broad portfolio of memory and storage for your AI workload-specific needs.
Investor type
Corporate Venture Capital
Business model preference
B2B, B2B2C, B2C
Series preference
Series B, Series C
Offering preference
Hardware, Software
AI type preference
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
ADAS Automotive Autonomous Data Center Flash SSD Storage


Micron Ventures
Andrew Byrnes

Investment Portfolio


Operating Status

Offering Type

Business Model

Total Funding

AI Employees

Lightbits Labs
$50 M
Hardware, Software
$30 M
B2B2C, B2C
$96.5 M

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