Founded in 2016, M12 is Microsofts venture fund that empowers B2B entrepreneurs through investments, insight, and unparalleled access to Microsoft. We invest in early-stage startups transforming the enterprise with a focus on AI and ML, big data and analytics, business SaaS, cloud infrastructure, productivity and communication, security, and frontier technologies. Our diverse and experienced teambased in San Francisco, Seattle, London, and Tel Avivsupports startups around the globe with founder-friendly terms, go-to-market expertise, and comprehensive Microsoft resources.

Samir KumarManaging Director
Irad DorPartner and Board Member1
The profile picture of Mony HassidMony HassidManaging Director and Board Member1
Nagraj KashyapGlobal Head and Board Member
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Ox SecurityActive2021Enterprise, Cyber Security$34M
KooplyActive2021Gaming, Social, Mobile$18M
Valence SecurityActive2021Enterprise, Cyber Security$32M
AuthomizeActive2019Cyber Security, Enterprise, Identity Management, Cloud, Information Technology (IT)$22M
GrowthSpaceActive2019Enterprise, Recruitment, HR$44M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
Env0Series AMarch 20237
nsKnoxSeries AJanuary 20235
Valence SecuritySeries AOctober 20226
Ox SecuritySeedSeptember 20224
GrowthSpaceSeries BAugust 20224
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Viola VenturesVenture Capital200057
Pitango Venture CapitalVenture Capital199357
AlephVenture Capital201346
Battery VenturesVenture Capital198343

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ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
Ox SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$34M720.0%
KooplyActiveGaming, Social, Mobile$18M3433.4%
Valence SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$32M480.0%
AuthomizeActiveCyber Security, Enterprise, Identity Management, Cloud, Information Technology (IT)$22M51-0.7%
GrowthSpaceActiveEnterprise, Recruitment, HR$44M39416.0%
nsKnoxActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Payment Fraud Detection, Payments, Fraud Prevention, Fraud$17M46-3.0%
Env0ActiveEnterprise, Development, Cloud$42.1M447.0%
Hunters AIActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Extended Detection and Response$118.4M20910.6%
EvincedActiveEnterprise, Quality Assurance, Development, Web Accessibility, DevTools$55M551.8%
Xsight LabsActiveTechnology, Chip, Data Center, Storage$216M157-0.3%
At-BayActiveFintech, Cyber Security, Insurance, Cyber Risk, Claims, Underwriting$296M3450.0%
The logo of RapidAPIRapidAPIActiveEnterprise, Development, API, Marketplace$272.5M2520.0%
ZenCityActiveSmart City, Data, Data Platform, Government$52.2M135-2.8%
Aqua SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Cloud Native, Container, DevSecOps$265.5M5953.0%
FarmDog TechnologiesAcquiredAgritech, Pest, Disease Management, App$1.1M20.0%
OostoActiveTechnology, Computer Vision, Image, Video Recognition, Video, Analytics, Face Recognition$354M114-5.4%
The logo of AiroboticsAiroboticsPublicDrones, Industrial$105.5M1010.0%
The company logo of CodefreshCodefreshActiveEnterprise, Development, CI/CD, Open Source, Software Development$42M780.0%
The logo of Illusive NetworksIllusive NetworksAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Autonomous$54M1270.0%
BlueVineActiveFraud Prevention, Fintech, Credit, Credit Lending, Invoice$562.5M5953.2%
VoiceittActiveTechnology, Speech, Digital Health$20.5M38-1.2%
MendActiveOpen Source, Cloud, Cyber Security, Enterprise, Development$121.5M304-6.4%

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