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Jonathan FriedmanPartner1
Ed MichaelManaging Partner1
Chaim FriedmanManaging Partner1
PhysiMax Technologies Acquisition2021$8M
Black OreBlack Ore SeedNovember 2023$60MAndreessen Horowitz, OAK HC/FT, General Catalyst, Founders Fund, Khosla, Trust Ventures, LionBird, Scifi VC, SV Angel, Vikram Pandit, Tom Glocer, Max Levchin, Jason Gardner, Mark Britto, Gokul Rajaram
PhaseVPhaseV SeedOctober 2023$15MViola Ventures, Exor Seeds, LionBird, GETTY SeedOctober 2023$14.5MNFX, LionBird, Andreessen Horowitz, Base4 Capital, Technion
ChiefyChiefy SeedApril 2023$4.2MLionBird, Nina Capital, Emerge
Nest GenomicsNest Genomics SeedJanuary 2023$8.5MB Capital Group, Y Combinator, Casdin Capital, DCVC (Data Collective), Samsung NEXT, Maven Ventures, iAngels, Arkin Holdings, LionBird, Anne Wojcicki, Deneen Vojta SeedOctober 2022$5MLionBird, NFX
FundGuardFundGuard Series BApril 2022$40MCiti Group, State Street Corp, Blumberg Capital, LionBird, Team8
Maverick AIMaverick AI SeedMarch 2022$5MLionBird, Firstime Ventures, Ariel Maislos, Ofir Shalvi, Ehud Weinstein, Eli Ben Dor
Assured AlliesAssured Allies Series AJuly 2021$18.3MCore Innovation Capital, New Era Capital Partners, Wilton Re, LionBird, Harel Insurance Investments and Financial Services
Laguna HealthLaguna Health SeedMay 2021$6.6MPitango Venture Capital, LionBird
Nimble BeautyNimble Beauty SeedMay 2021$10MLionBird, Aristagora VC, IBI Tech Fund, Nir Erez, Yigal Jacoby, Ziv Elul, Entrée Capital
C2i GenomicsC2i Genomics Series BApril 2021$100MCasdin Capital, Duquesne Family, Section 32, iGlobe Partners, Driehaus Capital, The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research, Silver Lake Partners, LionBird, Gordon Asset Management, Alexandria Real Estate, NFX
FundGuardFundGuard Series AFebruary 2021$12MTeam8, Blumberg Capital, LionBird, Mindset Ventures, Maccabee Ventures
Rhino HealthRhino Health SeedFebruary 2021$5MLionBird, Arkin Holdings
FundGuardFundGuard SeedSeptember 2018$4MBlumberg Capital, LionBird
Assured AlliesAssured Allies SeedJanuary 2018Kaedan Capital, LionBird
TytoCareTytoCare Series CDecember 2017$27.1MWalgreens, Ping An Global Voyager Fund, OrbiMed, MedTech Innovation Partners, LionBird, ITOCHU, Fosun Group, Cambia Health Solutions
Next SiliconNext Silicon SeedNovember 2017LionBird, Amiti Ventures
BizzaboBizzabo Series AApril 2017$6.5MZvi Limon, Avigdor Willenz, Danny Tocatly, LionBird, Kaedan Capital, Yair Tauman, Gigi Levy-Weiss, OG Tech, Eli Alroy
LawGeexLawGeex Series AFebruary 2017$7MRecruit Co, LionBird, lool ventures, Rami Lipman, Eilon Tirosh
SweetchSweetch Series AMarch 2016$3.5MPontifax, OurCrowd, Koninklijke Philips, LionBird
LawGeexLawGeex SeedMarch 2016$2.5MLionBird, lool ventures, Rami Lipman, Eilon Tirosh
LawGeexLawGeex Pre-SeedSeptember 2015$300,000lool ventures, LionBird
TytoCareTytoCare Series BJune 2015$12.1MWalgreens, Teuza, OrbiMed, LionBird, Fosun Group, Cambia Health Solutions
FundboxFundbox Series BFebruary 2015$40MBlumberg Capital, Philippe Suchet, Nyca Partners, General Catalyst, Khosla, LionBird, Shlomo Kramer, Entrée Capital
FundboxFundbox Series AApril 2014$17.5MEmil Michael, Jay Mandelbaum, Khosla, LionBird, SV Angel
TytoCareTytoCare Series AFebruary 2014$7MWalgreens, OrbiMed, Israel Partners, LionBird, Fosun Group
PhysiMax TechnologiesMarch 2013LionBird
Fund NameDate AnnouncedFund Size
LionBirdLionBird IIIApril 2022$85M
LionBirdLionBird IIJuly 2017$35M
LionBirdLionBird IOctober 2013$20M
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeLocationPortfolio
Blumberg CapitalBlumberg CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael34
Anne WojcickiAnne WojcickiAngel4
Samsung NEXTSamsung NEXTCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael35
B Capital GroupB Capital GroupVenture Capital4
Casdin CapitalCasdin CapitalInvestment FirmUnited States2
GETTYVenture Capital2
Founders FundFounders FundVenture CapitalUnited States8
Maven VenturesMaven VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States3
DCVC (Data Collective)DCVC (Data Collective)Venture CapitalUnited States7
Jason GardnerAngel1
EmergeEmergeVenture CapitalIsrael11
Philippe SuchetAngel2
Mindset VenturesMindset VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael16
Maccabee VenturesMaccabee VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States3
Mark BrittoAngel1
LionBirdLionBirdVenture CapitalIsrael19
Ziv ElulZiv ElulAngel2
Y CombinatorY CombinatorVenture CapitalUnited States45
New Era Capital PartnersNew Era Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael13
General CatalystGeneral CatalystVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom17
Amiti VenturesAmiti VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael11
Nina CapitalNina CapitalVenture Capital2
OG TechOG TechFamily OfficeIsrael15
Max LevchinAngel2
KhoslaKhoslaVenture CapitalUnited States16
Firstime VenturesFirstime VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael16
Team8Team8Venture CapitalIsrael30
OrbiMedOrbiMedVenture CapitalIsrael9
Core Innovation CapitalCore Innovation CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States1
SV AngelSV AngelVenture CapitalUnited States7
Entrée CapitalEntrée CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael46
Andreessen HorowitzAndreessen HorowitzVenture CapitalUnited States16
IBI Tech FundIBI Tech FundVenture CapitalIsrael12
Vikram PanditAngel2
Gokul RajaramGokul RajaramAngel2
Viola VenturesViola VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael60
Gigi Levy-WeissAngelIsrael20
Citi GroupCiti GroupCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States13
Trust VenturesTrust VenturesVenture Capital3
NFXNFXVenture CapitalIsrael36
Pitango Venture CapitalPitango Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael64
Ariel MaislosAriel MaislosAngelIsrael32
Kaedan CapitalKaedan CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael17
Scifi VCScifi VCVenture CapitalUnited States2
OAK HC/FTOAK HC/FTVenture CapitalUnited States8
Arkin HoldingsArkin HoldingsFamily OfficeIsrael8
Deneen VojtaDeneen VojtaAngel1
lool ventureslool venturesVenture CapitalIsrael22
Shlomo KramerAngelIsrael19
Harel Insurance Investments and Financial ServicesHarel Insurance Investments and Financial ServicesInvestment FirmIsrael14
Exor SeedsExor SeedsCorporate Venture CapitalItaly3
Tom GlocerAngel4
Base4 CapitalVenture Capital1
Ehud WeinsteinEhud WeinsteinAngel4
Eli Ben DorAngel1
Aristagora VCAristagora VCVenture CapitalIsrael5
State Street CorpCompany1
Ping An Global Voyager FundCorporate Venture CapitalChina4
Danny TocatlyDanny TocatlyAngel2
Nyca PartnersNyca PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States4
Ofir ShalviOfir ShalviAngel4
Nir ErezAngel2
Section 32Section 32Venture Capital2
Fosun GroupFosun GroupCorporate Venture CapitalChina2
The Mark Foundation for Cancer ResearchThe Mark Foundation for Cancer ResearchFoundationUnited States1
Yigal JacobyAngelIsrael2
PontifaxPontifaxVenture CapitalIsrael4
Silver Lake PartnersSilver Lake PartnersPrivate EquityUnited States2
Duquesne FamilyFamily OfficeUnited States2
iGlobe PartnersiGlobe PartnersVenture CapitalSingapore2
Wilton ReWilton ReInvestment FirmUnited States1
Gordon Asset ManagementGordon Asset ManagementInvestment FirmUnited States1
Driehaus CapitalDriehaus CapitalInvestment FirmUnited States1
Alexandria Real EstateAlexandria Real EstateInvestment FirmUnited States1
TeuzaTeuzaVenture CapitalIsrael1
Zvi LimonAngelIsrael3
Avigdor WillenzAngelIsrael9
Rami LipmanRami LipmanAngelIsrael6
Yair TaumanAngel2
Eilon TiroshAngel2
MedTech Innovation PartnersMedTech Innovation PartnersVenture Capital4
Recruit Co1
Eli AlroyAngel1
Cambia Health Solutions1
Koninklijke Philips1
Jay MandelbaumAngel1
Israel Partners1
Emil MichaelAngel1

Investment Pace

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In Memory of The Murdered

In the early morning on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, terrorist group Hamas infiltrated southern Israel and massacred innocent Israelis, from infants to seniors.

They were mercilessly killed, in unspeakable ways. and the entire technology community pause to honor the murdered. We remember them. We honor their memory and the brightest futures they were supposed to live.

May their families and friends find solace. We grieve with you.

We pray for the release of hostages currently held in Gaza.

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