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Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) is an internationally recognized venture capital fund with offices in Jerusalem, Israel, and in New York City, US.

Established in 1993 by Dr. Erel Margalit, JVP has raised over $1.4 billion and is ranked by Preqin as one of the top-ten consistently performing VC firms worldwide. Over the years, JVP has built over 140 companies in Israel, US, Europe, Asia and continues to leverage its market expertise, as well as a substantial capital base to build companies that disrupt global markets.

JVP has also partnered with the City of New York to launch the International Cyber Center in the heart of SoHo, NYC. JVP partnered with NYCEDC, the city’s leading academic institutions and with Fortune 500 corporations to provide start-up companies with strategic guidance, business development, and company building resources.

With a view of building category leaders, JVP invests in early through growth-stage companies in the spaces of Cybersecurity, Big Data, Fintech, Foodtech, Agtech, Digital Health, Enterprise Software, Storage, Mobile, Media, and IoT.

As a pioneering firm in the Israeli venture capital industry, JVP has contributed significantly to multiple successful portfolio company exits through industry sales and NASDAQ IPO’s. To date, JVP has helped orchestrate 35 prominent portfolio companies exits, 12 of which are Initial Public Offerings on NASDAQ. In 2014, JVP concluded the IPO of Cyber-Ark Software (NASDAQ: CYBER), Israel’s then most prominent private cyber company.

Over the years JVP has forged deep strategic partnerships with global corporations working together to identify and build some of the largest and leading companies emerge from Israel today. In recent years JVP has also integrated these partners into the funds, creating a closer collaboration between the fund, its partners, its portfolio and these major global players.

Shai SchillerGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Yoav TzruyaGeneral Partner and Board Member1
Gadi PoratGeneral Partner and Board Member1
The profile picture of Erel MargalitErel MargalitGeneral Partner, Investment Committee Member, Chairman and Board Member1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Chain ReactionActive2019Technology, Chip, Cryptographic, Acceleration, Blockchain, Semiconductor, Encryption, Privacy$70M
DatricksActive2019Enterprise, RPA, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Process Mining, GRC, Risk Analytics$6.5M
The company logo of RezilionRezilionActive2018Enterprise, Cyber Security, DevSecOps$38M
The logo of CyberfishCyberfishAcquired2018Enterprise, Cyber Security, Phishing
OporaActive2018Enterprise, Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence$9M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
ThetaRaySeries ESeptember 20233
The company logo of 1touch.io1touch.ioSeries BMay 20234
CoroSeries DApril 20233
Chain ReactionFunding RoundFebruary 20237
TeridionStrategicNovember 20224
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalVenture Capital197238
Jerusalem Venture PartnersVenture Capital199345
Pitango Venture CapitalVenture Capital199357
AlephVenture Capital201346

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Jerusalem Venture Partners

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
Chain ReactionActiveTechnology, Chip, Cryptographic, Acceleration, Blockchain, Semiconductor, Encryption, Privacy$70M1059.4%
DatricksActiveEnterprise, RPA, Business Intelligence, Compliance, Process Mining, GRC, Risk Analytics$6.5M25-2.5%
The company logo of RezilionRezilionActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, DevSecOps$38M580.0%
The logo of CyberfishCyberfishAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Phishing90.0%
OporaActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence$9M22-15.8%
GreenEye TechnologyActiveAgritech, Monitor, Pest Control$29M4014.0%
The company logo of 1touch.io1touch.ioActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Personal Identifiable Information, Privacy$28M7025.3%
MemVergeActiveMemory, Computing, Technology, Storage$43.5M8614.2%
Valid – Blockchain AssuranceActiveBlockchain$8M7-24.7%
Stellares.aiInactiveEnterprise, HR, Recruitment$3.5M95.8%
CognniActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, DLP, Information Technology (IT), Digital, Personal Identifiable Information$4M271.7%
Source DefenseActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$47.5M49-2.8%
VicariusActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Malware$30.2M52-1.8%
AgrintActiveAgritech, Pest Control, Pest, Sensor100000190.8%
UnispectralActiveTechnology, Hardware, Image, Video Recognition, Video, Analytics, Hyperspectral$7.5M15-3.5%
Copilot.cxActiveMarketing, Customer Engagement$5M280.0%
The logo of Cnvrg.ioCnvrg.ioAcquiredTechnology, AI Enablers, Development Platform$9M520.0%
Loom SystemsAcquiredEnterprise, Information Technology (IT)$16M0.0%
DMWay AnalyticsInactiveTechnology, AI Enablers, Predictive Analytics$1M0.0%
ClickInsActiveAutomotive, Insurance, Inspection, Mobile$78M226.8%
The company logo of MorphisecMorphisecActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$50M1330.0%
SCADAfenceAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security$26M610.0%
SecbiAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Incident Response, Forensics, Extended Detection and Response$6.5M0.0%
MmuzeInactiveConversational Platform, Voice Assistant, Chatbot$4.5M0.0%
UpsolverActiveEnterprise, Information Technology (IT), Data Management, Data Lake, ETL$42.5M58-3.6%
The logo of IguazioIguazioAcquiredTechnology, AI Enablers, Data, Database, IoT, MLOps, Deep Learning, ML, AutoML$72M81-3.3%
NanitActiveHealthcare, Infant, Prevention, Video$74M111-0.9%
NoobaaAcquiredEnterprise, Information Technology (IT), Storage, Software Defined (SD)$5M0.0%
The logo of AspectivaAspectivaAcquiredRetail, Analytics, Insights, User Generated Content$4M220.0%
CyactiveAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security$2M0.0%
The company logo of InnovoproInnovoproActiveFood, Protein$36M0.0%
CentricalActiveEnterprise, Employee Management$66M1360.0%
CoroActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Malware, Data Leakage Prevention$135M32224.0%
Dealhub.ioActiveMarketing, Analytics, Digital, No Code, Contract Management, Enterprise, Revenue$84.5M2587.1%
ThetaRayActiveFintech, Cyber Security, IoT, SCADA, Fraud, AML$147.5M1352.8%
Correlor TechnologiesActiveIndustrial, Analytics, Predictive Analytics0.0%
LeadspaceActiveMarketing, Lead Generation$111M120-7.8%
Pyramid AnalyticsActiveEnterprise, Intelligence, Analytics, Decision Intelligence$186.5M229-1.5%
AnyClipActiveMarketing, Content, Video, Video Intelligence, Media$71M2300.8%
ControlUPActiveEnterprise, Information Technology (IT), Monitoring$140M3123.5%
The company logo of QualiQualiActiveEnterprise, Information Technology (IT)$86.83M1750.0%
EarnixActiveFintech, Insurance, Pricing, Analytics, Optimization, Price Optimization$98.5M329-0.3%
CyberArkPublicEnterprise, Cyber Security$60M27930.0%

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