Founded in 2014 by Shelly Hod Moyal, Mor Assia and David Assia, iAngels is a venture capital firm and investment platform. iAngels offers accredited investors worldwide exclusive access to tech startups and scaleup investment opportunities originated in Israel and curated through a streamlined due-diligence process. Through iAngels’ various investment offerings, investors can choose to invest in specific startups, create a personalized VC portfolio of tech companies or join our iAngels Ventures Fund, an institutional fund backed by the European Investment Fund, partnering with some of the highest caliber entrepreneurs in the nation.

With over $400m AUM, and a global network of 5,000 accredited investors, iAngels is one of the most active investors in the Israeli tech ecosystem. iAngels works closely with family offices, institutions, and private investors globally and offers tailored offerings for each field of expertise.
Find out more at: www.iAngels.com

Shelly Hod MoyalCo-CEO and Board Member1
Mor AssiaCo-CEO, Board Member and Board Observer1
Nest GenomicsNest GenomicsActive2022
Antidote HealthAntidote HealthActive2020
Better JuiceBetter JuiceActive2017
Amai ProteinsAmai ProteinsActive2016
Clear GeneticsClear GeneticsAcquired2016
Beach BumAcquired2015
Protected MediaAcquired2014
VyzerVyzer SeedOctober 2023$6MiAngels, Guy Gamzu, Moneta VC, Jonathan Kolber, Rafi Gidron
CryptoHubCryptoHub SeedSeptember 2023$6.3MShalom Meckenzie, Mor Weizer, Roy Samuelov, Shy Datika, iAngels, Tectona
GuardzGuardz SeedJanuary 2023$1MHanaco Ventures, iAngels, GKFF Ventures, Cyverse Capital
Nest GenomicsNest Genomics SeedJanuary 2023$8.5MB Capital Group, Y Combinator, Casdin Capital, DCVC (Data Collective), Samsung NEXT, Maven Ventures, iAngels, Arkin Holdings, LionBird, Anne Wojcicki, Deneen Vojta
QurisQuris SeedDecember 2022$9MSoftbank, GlenRock Israel, iAngels, Welltech1, Richter Group
BeeHeroBeeHero Series BDecember 2022$42MConvent Capital, General Mills, Cibus Capital, Rabo Ventures, Firstime Ventures, J-Ventures, Plug and Play, iAngels, Gaingels, UpWest Labs
TaranisTaranis Series DSeptember 2022$40MInven Capital, Seraphim Capital, Farglory Group, Vertex Growth, Viola Ventures, Vertex Ventures, La Maison Partners, Hitachi Ventures, K3 Ventures, UMC Capital, OurCrowd, Micron Ventures, iAngels, Presidio Ventures, Cavallo Ventures, Finistere Ventures, Eyal Gura
TheatorTheator Series AJuly 2022$24MInsight Partners, Blumberg Capital, Mayo Clinic, NFX, StageOne Ventures, iAngels, Neil Hunt, Icon Ventures, Ariel Cohen
AprilApril Series AJune 2022$30MTreasury, Team8, Nyca Partners, QED Investors, Euclidean Capital, iAngels, Atento Capital
Seed-XSeed-X Series AJune 2022$10MiAngels, Neva SGR, Champel Capital
ElementorElementor Series BJune 2022$50MLightspeed Venture Partners, iAngels, OG Tech
Antidote HealthAntidote Health Series AMarch 2022$22MiAngels, Group 11, Flint Capital
UrecsysUrecsys Series AMarch 2022$7MKobi Richter, Judith Richter, Union Motors, Talcar Corporation, iAngels, Unger Family, iAngels Technologies
AprilApril SeedJanuary 2022$10MTeam8, Nyca Partners, Euclidean Capital, iAngels, Shai Wininger, Lowell Putnam, Eli Broverman, QED Investors, Treasury, Jeff Cruttenden
QurisQuris SeedJanuary 2022$19MWelltech1, iAngels, GlenRock Israel
PlainIDPlainID Series CDecember 2021$75MInsight Partners, Viola Ventures, Itai Tsiddon, INCapital Ventures, Capri Ventures, iAngels, Springtide Ventures, Vintage Investment Partners
Lynx.MDLynx.MD SeedDecember 2021$12MTriventures, MizMaa Ventures, iAngels, Amdocs Ventures, UpWest Labs, New York Life Ventures
LeoLeo SeedNovember 2021$5MMenara Ventures, iAngels, Unicorn Technologies
BeeHeroBeeHero Series AOctober 2021$15MAgrinnovation Fund, Cibus Capital, UpWest Labs, Rabo Ventures, iAngels, Firstime Ventures, J-Ventures, Good Company, STB Holdings, Arison Group, Gaingels
Antidote HealthAntidote Health SeedAugust 2021$12MFlint Capital, iAngels, Welltech1
MedorionMedorion Series AJuly 2021$6M10D, iAngels, TAU Ventures
Better JuiceBetter Juice SeedJune 2021$8MiAngels, Maverick Ventures Israel, The Kitchen FoodTech Hub, Israel Innovation Authority, The Food Tech Lab (TFTL), NEOME, Schestowitz Group, Semillero Partners
Amai ProteinsAmai Proteins Series AJune 2021$11.3MiAngels, Welltech1, ZORA Israel Impact Fund, Sucden, BayWa, Dragones, SGInnovate, K3 Ventures, Japan-Israel Hi-Tech Ventures
MiratoMirato SeedFebruary 2021$9MAmerican Express Ventures, Joule Ventures, Grove Ventures, iAngels
InnovoproInnovopro Series CNovember 2020$18MJerusalem Venture Partners, Rabo Ventures, iAngels, ICOS Capital
Binah.aiBinah.ai Series BJune 2020$13.5MMaverick Ventures Israel, Esplanade Ventures, Sompo Holdings, iAngels, Global IoT Technology Ventures
BeeHeroBeeHero SeedMay 2020$4MiAngels, UpWest Labs, Agrinnovation Fund, Rabo Ventures, J-Ventures
UrecsysUrecsys SeedMarch 2020$3MiAngels, MYN Investments, Kobi Richter, Judith Richter
Grid4CGrid4C Series BDecember 2019$5MAlectra, More VC, iAngels
ArbeArbe Series CNovember 2019$32MBAIC Capital, Hyundai, MissionBlue Capital, Canaan Partners Israel, iAngels, 360 Capital Partners, OurCrowd, OG Tech, Catalyst Investments
GOARCGOARC Series ANovember 2019$7MiAngels, DK Innovation
TheatorTheator SeedMarch 2019$3MStageOne Ventures, iAngels, KdTVC
Grid4CGrid4C Series AOctober 2018$5MMore VC, iAngels, AxessVentures
PlainIDPlainID Series AJuly 2018$11MViola Ventures, Springtide Ventures, Capri Ventures, iAngels
ArbeArbe Series BJune 2018$10MCanaan Partners Israel, iAngels, Maniv Mobility, OurCrowd, OG Tech
OctopaiOctopai Series AJune 2018$4.5MNorth First Ventures, iAngels, Gefen Capital, Moneta VC, Club100 Plus Communication Investments
Prifender SeedMay 2018$5MShaked Ventures, iAngels, Firstime Ventures
ApplitoolsApplitools Series CFebruary 2018$31MOpenView, iAngels, Sierra Ventures, Magma Venture Partners, La Maison Partners
SCADAfenceSCADAfence Series ANovember 2017$10MJerusalem Venture Partners, NexStar Partners, 31VENTURES, iAngels, DS Strategic Partners, Global Brain
ArbeArbe Series AOctober 2017$9MCanaan Partners Israel, iAngels, Taya Ventures, OurCrowd, OG Tech
Seetree.aiSeetree.ai SeedAugust 2017$3.2MCanaan Partners, Uri Levine, Mindset Ventures, iAngels
Way2Vat Series AAugust 2017$3.5MiAngels, Standard Bank, Poalim Ventures, Moneta VC, Global Fintech Solutions
Clear GeneticsClear Genetics SeedAugust 2017$2.5MMeron Capital, Y Combinator, iAngels
DBmaestroDBmaestro Series BJuly 2017$4.5MVertex Ventures, StageOne Ventures, lool ventures, iAngels
ArbeArbe SeedMarch 2017$2.5MCanaan Partners Israel, iAngels, Taya Ventures
IndeniIndeni Series AOctober 2016$10MiAngels, CIRTech Fund, Sequoia Capital
TaranisTaranis SeedFebruary 2016$2Meshbol, iAngels, Marc Benioff, OurCrowd, Kaedan Capital, Eyal Gura
DBmaestroDBmaestro Series AFebruary 2016$3MStageOne Ventures, lool ventures, iAngels
BackedBacked SeedNovember 2015$1.5MiAngels, Cyhawk Ventures
ColaboColabo Series AMay 2015$7MRedSeal, iAngels, Paul Maritz, The Hive, Kaedan Capital, Marker, Bogomil Balkansky
DripplerMay 2015$4.5MiAngels, Yanki Margalit, Titanium Investments, TMT Investments, Reuven Agassi, David Assia, Christian Gaiser
WebyClip Series ADecember 2014$4.2MAmit Gilon, Microsoft for Startups Israel, Maverick Ventures Israel, iAngels, Vertex Ventures, Magma Venture Partners
Nanorep Series AJuly 2014Oryzn Capital, iAngels, JAL Ventures
24me SeedApril 2014iAngels
Drippler SeedApril 2014$1.6MiAngels, Titanium Investments, TMT Investments, Innodo
Fund NameDate AnnouncedFund Size
iAngelsiAngels raises $55.5 millionJuly 2021$55.5M
iAngelsiAngels raises $14 millionMarch 2016$14M
iAngelsiAngels raises $2.25 millionMarch 2015$2.25M
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeLocationPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalSequoia CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States42
Jerusalem Venture PartnersJerusalem Venture PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael47
Viola VenturesViola VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael60
Israel Innovation AuthorityIsrael Innovation AuthorityGovernmentIsrael71
lool ventureslool venturesVenture CapitalIsrael22
Maniv MobilityManiv MobilityVenture CapitalIsrael18
Vertex VenturesVertex VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael52
Blumberg CapitalBlumberg CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael34
Lightspeed Venture PartnersLightspeed Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States46
Magma Venture PartnersMagma Venture PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael27
UpWest LabsUpWest LabsVenture CapitalIsrael32
StageOne VenturesStageOne VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael35
Insight PartnersInsight PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States89
Flint CapitalFlint CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael19
SoftbankSoftbankVenture CapitalJapan24
Canaan PartnersCanaan PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States10
Grove VenturesGrove VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael25
LionBirdLionBirdVenture CapitalIsrael19
MizMaa VenturesMizMaa VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael22
Maverick Ventures IsraelMaverick Ventures IsraelVenture CapitalIsrael20
Hanaco VenturesHanaco VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael33
More VCMore VCVenture CapitalIsrael13
Joule VenturesJoule VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael18
Kaedan CapitalKaedan CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael17
GlenRock IsraelGlenRock IsraelPrivate EquityIsrael10
Samsung NEXTSamsung NEXTCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael35
Meron CapitalMeron CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael17
Moneta VCMoneta VCVenture CapitalIsrael10
Group11Group 11Venture CapitalIsrael18
Vintage Investment PartnersVintage Investment PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael38
DCVC (Data Collective)DCVC (Data Collective)Venture CapitalUnited States7
Y CombinatorY CombinatorVenture CapitalUnited States45
Firstime VenturesFirstime VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael16
NFXNFXVenture CapitalIsrael36
North First VenturesNorth First VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael9
American Express VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States7
Gefen CapitalGefen CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael15
Mindset VenturesMindset VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael16
Finistere VenturesFinistere VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States3
OG TechOG TechFamily OfficeIsrael15
OpenViewOpenViewVenture CapitalUnited States5
Team8Team8Venture CapitalIsrael30
Rafi GidronAngel9
Amit GilonAmit GilonAngel5
Capri VenturesCapri VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States7
10D10DVenture CapitalIsrael15
The Kitchen FoodTech HubThe Kitchen FoodTech HubCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael8
Uri LevineAngel4
Arkin HoldingsArkin HoldingsFamily OfficeIsrael8
J-VenturesJ-VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael13
Rabo VenturesRabo VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalNetherlands3
Casdin CapitalCasdin CapitalInvestment FirmUnited States2
Amdocs VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael8
Atento CapitalAtento CapitalVenture CapitalSpain6
INCapital VenturesINCapital VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael7
Anne WojcickiAnne WojcickiAngel4
Maven VenturesMaven VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States3
UMC CapitalUMC CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States4
Seraphim CapitalSeraphim CapitalVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom3
Cyverse CapitalCyverse CapitalVenture CapitalSwitzerland16
GaingelsGaingelsAngel SyndicateUnited States5
Jonathan KolberJonathan KolberAngel3
Guy GamzuGuy GamzuAngel4
QED InvestorsVenture Capital2
B Capital GroupB Capital GroupVenture Capital4
Champel CapitalChampel CapitalVenture Capital7
Inven CapitalInven CapitalVenture Capital3
Shy DatikaAngel4
GKFF VenturesFoundation1
Deneen VojtaDeneen VojtaAngel1
Shalom MeckenzieAngel1
Mor WeizerAngel1
Roy SamuelovAngel1
JAL VenturesJAL VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael9
Oryzn CapitalOryzn CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael8
La Maison PartnersLa Maison PartnersVenture CapitalFrance21
TAU VenturesTAU VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael21
Eyal GuraAngelIsrael6
Plug and PlayPlug and PlayVenture CapitalUnited States14
Nyca PartnersNyca PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States4
Icon VenturesIcon VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States8
Judith RichterAngelIsrael5
Kobi RichterAngelIsrael6
Springtide VenturesSpringtide VenturesVenture Capital6
Cavallo VenturesCorporate Venture Capital2
Mayo ClinicMayo ClinicCompany4
ZORA Israel Impact FundVenture CapitalIsrael5
Micron VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States5
Global BrainGlobal BrainCorporate Venture CapitalJapan5
Global IoT Technology VenturesVenture Capital8
Hitachi VenturesHitachi VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalJapan2
Vertex GrowthVertex GrowthVenture CapitalIsrael4
Euclidean CapitalFamily OfficeUnited States2
Cibus CapitalCibus CapitalInvestment FirmChina4
Good CompanyGood CompanyVenture CapitalIsrael4
Presidio VenturesPresidio VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States3
Talcar CorporationCompany3
Catalyst InvestmentsCatalyst InvestmentsPrivate Equity4
Ariel CohenAngel2
Shai WiningerAngel2
Lowell PutnamAngel1
Jeff CruttendenAngel1
Eli BrovermanAngel1
TreasuryVenture CapitalUnited States1
Neil HuntNeil HuntAngel1
Union MotorsCompany2
Unger FamilyFamily Office2
iAngels TechnologiesVenture Capital1
Neva SGRVenture Capital2
K3 VenturesK3 VenturesVenture Capital3
Farglory GroupCompany1
Richter GroupRichter GroupCompany1
General MillsGeneral MillsCompany1
Convent CapitalConvent CapitalInvestment Firm1
MarkerVenture CapitalIsrael13
Canaan Partners IsraelVenture CapitalIsrael5
TriventuresTriventuresVenture CapitalIsrael11
HyundaiHyundaiCompanySouth Korea10
Marc BenioffAngelUnited States6
TMT Investments3
Club100 Plus Communication Investments3
Agrinnovation FundUniversityIsrael2
NEOMENEOMEAngel Syndicate2
Itai TsiddonAngelIsrael3
Unicorn TechnologiesUnicorn TechnologiesVenture CapitalIsrael2
Japan-Israel Hi-Tech VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael4
STB HoldingsVenture Capital1
Arison GroupFoundationIsrael1
Menara VenturesMenara VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael1
New York Life VenturesVenture Capital1
Schestowitz GroupCompany2
DragonesDragonesVenture Capital4
The Food Tech Lab (TFTL)The Food Tech Lab (TFTL)Venture Capital1
Semillero PartnersSemillero PartnersVenture Capital1
Sierra VenturesSierra VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States5
Shaked VenturesShaked VenturesFamily OfficeIsrael6
Sompo HoldingsCorporate Venture CapitalJapan3
Esplanade VenturesEsplanade VenturesVenture Capital1
MYN Investments1
ICOS CapitalICOS CapitalVenture Capital1
360 Capital Partners360 Capital PartnersVenture CapitalItaly2
Bogomil BalkanskyAngel2
BAIC Capital1
DK Innovation1
MissionBlue Capital1
eshboleshbolVenture Capital3
NexStar Partners2
Microsoft for Startups IsraelMicrosoft for Startups IsraelAcceleratorIsrael10
Titanium InvestmentsVenture Capital9
Taya VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael4
31VENTURESCorporate Venture CapitalJapan5
Poalim VenturesCorporate Venture Capital1
Standard Bank1
Global Fintech Solutions1
DS Strategic Partners1
CIRTech FundCIRTech FundVenture Capital1
David AssiaAngel2
Paul MaritzAngel1
Reuven AgassiAngel1
Yanki MargalitAngel2
Christian GaiserAngel1
Cyhawk Ventures3
The Hive1

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In Memory of The Murdered

In the early morning on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, terrorist group Hamas infiltrated southern Israel and massacred innocent Israelis, from infants to seniors.

They were mercilessly killed, in unspeakable ways.

StartupHub.ai and the entire technology community pause to honor the murdered. We remember them. We honor their memory and the brightest futures they were supposed to live.

May their families and friends find solace. We grieve with you.

We pray for the release of hostages currently held in Gaza.

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