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Glilot Capital Partners

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Glilot Capital Partners is a seed and early-stage VC, investing in the brightest and most extraordinary entrepreneurs in Israel. Its entrepreneur-centric mentality, including being one of the few VCs in the world that share revenue with its entrepreneurs, coupled with its experience in finding the right business opportunities, has positions Glilot as the best-performing Venture Capital Fund in the world (Vintage: 2010-2014), according to Preqin 2017 .Glilot backs teams that develop sophisticated technology, particularly in the areas of AI, Big Data and Cyber.The fund creates an environment that makes it possible to generate real lasting value for both sides of the investment equation. Six of the fund’s first eight portfolio companies have been acquired by Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, CA Technologies, Marketo Intuit, and Mimecast

Team (3)

Managing Partner and Board Member
Managing Partner and Board Member
Managing Partner and Board Member

Portfolio (40)

Sweet SecuritySweet SecurityActive2023
Refine IntelligenceRefine IntelligenceActive2021
Stream SecurityStream SecurityActive2020
Upstream SecurityUpstream SecurityActive2017
CyberX LabsCyberX LabsAcquired2012

Funding Rounds (67)

anecdotesanecdotes Series BJanuary 2024$25MGlilot Capital Partners, Vertex Ventures, Red Dot Capital Partners, Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, Vintage Investment Partners, Shasta Ventures
GuardzGuardz Series ADecember 2023$18MGlilot Capital Partners, Hanaco Ventures, iAngels, GKFF Ventures, ClearSky Security
Refine IntelligenceRefine Intelligence SeedNovember 2023$13MGlilot Capital Partners, Fin Capital, Ground Up Ventures, Valley Ventures, SYN Ventures, Ori Eisen
StatementStatement SeedOctober 2023$12MGlilot Capital Partners, Operator Partners, Mensch Capital Partners, Citi Group, Titan Capital Partners
Sweet SecuritySweet Security SeedAugust 2023$12MTravis McPeak, Gerhard Eschelbeck, CyberArk, Glilot Capital Partners SeedAugust 2023$5.2MHetz Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners
EntitleEntitle SeedFebruary 2023$15MGlilot Capital Partners
PayEmPayEm Series AJanuary 2023$20MMitsubishi UFJ Capital, Collaborative Fund, Pitango Venture Capital, NFX, LocalGlobe, Glilot Capital Partners
accessiBeaccessiBe Series AAugust 2022$30MK1 Investment Management, Glilot Capital Partners, Phoenix Insurance Company
CyoloCyolo Series BJune 2022$60MNational Grid Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital, Differential Ventures, Merlin Ventures
HourlyHourly Series AJune 2022$27MGlilot Capital Partners, S Capital, Vintage Investment Partners, J-Ventures
SeemplicitySeemplicity Series AMay 2022$26MNTT Docomo Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners, Atlantic Bridge Capital, S Capital, Rain Capital, Kevin Mahaffey, Mark Smith, Tom Banahan, Elad Yoran, René Bonvanie
DevOceanDevOcean SeedMay 2022$6MGlilot Capital Partners, Gerhard Eschelbeck, Adam Hirsch, Zohar Alon, Ariel Maislos, Gil Azrielant, Ron Zoran, Jeff Trudeau, Maarten Van Horenbeeck, Adrian Ludwig, Guy Ben Arie, Nekarot Capital, Dean Atkinson, ‍Julian Levy, Richard Seewald
KooplyKooply SeedMarch 2022$18MM12, TPY Capital, Playtika, Glilot Capital Partners, Entrée Capital, Aleph, Samsung NEXT
Stream SecurityStream Security Series AMarch 2022$26MEnergy Impact Partners, Cervin Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners, TLV Partners
ScaleOpsScaleOps SeedMarch 2022$6.5MGlilot Capital Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, NFX, Dan Amiga, Fusion LA, Idan Tendler, Amit Kanfer
ESGgoESGgo SeedMarch 2022$7MGlilot Capital Partners
CardinalOpsCardinalOps Series AMarch 2022$17.5MBattery Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners, Symbol, Viola Ventures
anecdotesanecdotes Series AFebruary 2022$25MVintage Investment Partners, Shasta Ventures, Glilot Capital Partners, Aleph, Red Dot Capital Partners
RewireRewire Series CFebruary 2022$25MMigdal Insurance, Glilot Capital Partners, Standard Bank of South Africa, BNP Paribas, Opera Tech Ventures, Viola FinTech, Moneta VC, Renegade Partners, OurCrowd, Yehuda Zisapel, Jerry Yang
AtmoSecAtmoSec SeedDecember 2021$6MGlilot Capital Partners, Battery Ventures, Nadir Izrael, Yevgeny Dibrov, Ofer Ben-Noon, Assaf Rappaport
ErmeticErmetic Series BDecember 2021$70MForgepoint, Qumra Capital, Accel Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Target Global
Upstream SecurityUpstream Security Series CAugust 2021$24MDirect Insurance (IDI), 57 Stars, La Maison Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Nationwide Insurance, Delek US, Volvo Group Venture Capital
CyoloCyolo Series AJuly 2021$21MGlilot Capital Partners, Merlin Ventures, National Grid Partners, Flint Capital, Global Founders Capital, Differential Ventures
At-BayAt-Bay Series DJuly 2021$185MLightspeed Venture Partners, Acrew Capital, Icon Ventures, Munich Re Ventures, Khosla, M12, Latitude Ventures, Qumra Capital, Parquet Capital, Glilot Capital Partners, Shlomo Kramer
GenooxGenoox Series CJune 2021$8MGlilot Capital Partners, Triventures, Infinity Medical, IN Venture
CherreCherre Series BApril 2021$50MIntel Capital, Trustbridge Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, Mark Schwartz
RewireRewire Series BMarch 2021$20MOurCrowd, Renegade Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, AME Cloud Ventures, Viola FinTech, Opera Tech Ventures, Moneta VC
anecdotesanecdotes SeedFebruary 2021$5MAleph, Glilot Capital Partners, Gerhard Eschelbeck, Ron Zoran
CardinalOpsCardinalOps SeedJanuary 2021$6.5MGlilot Capital Partners, Battery Ventures, Udi Mokady SeedDecember 2020$4MAlex Pinchev, Gur Shomron, West Fountain Global Fund, Glilot Capital Partners
BrandTotalBrandTotal Series BSeptember 2020$12MINCapital Ventures, FJ Labs, Flint Capital, KDC Media Fund, Maor Investments, Glilot Capital Partners
Stream SecurityStream Security SeedAugust 2020$4MTLV Partners, Glilot Capital Partners
ErmeticErmetic Series AJuly 2020$17.3MTarget Global, Norwest Venture Partners, Accel Partners, Glilot Capital Partners
MitigaMitiga SeedJuly 2020$7MClearSky Security, Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital, Rain Capital, DNX Ventures
ErmeticErmetic SeedApril 2020$10MTarget Global, Norwest Venture Partners, Glilot Capital Partners
Upstream SecurityUpstream Security Series BSeptember 2019$30MAlliance Ventures, Hyundai, Glilot Capital Partners, Maniv Mobility, Nationwide Insurance, Charles River Ventures (CRV)
PayEmPayEm SeedMay 2019$7MPitango Venture Capital, Glilot Capital Partners, LocalGlobe,
Mintigo Series FFebruary 2019$7MGlilot Capital Partners, JAL Ventures
IntSightsIntSights Series CMay 2018$17MWipro Ventures, ClearSky Security, Blumberg Capital, Tola Capital, Blackstone, Glilot Capital Partners
GenooxGenoox Series BApril 2018$6MTriventures, Inimiti, Glilot Capital Partners
ProtegoProtego SeedApril 2018$2MGula Tech Adventures, Justin Label, Tim Belcher, Chris Ensey, Glilot Capital Partners
BrandTotalBrandTotal Series AMarch 2018$6MGlilot Capital Partners, KDC Media Fund, Flint Capital, NHN Ventures, One Way Ventures, FJ Labs, Tomer Shani
CyberX LabsCyberX Labs Series BJanuary 2018$18MNorwest Venture Partners, Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital, ff Venture Capital, OurCrowd
Upstream SecurityUpstream Security Series ANovember 2017$9MGlilot Capital Partners, Maniv Mobility
BrandTotalBrandTotal SeedJune 2017$2MGlilot Capital Partners, KDC Media Fund, Dick Clark Productions, Microsoft for Startups Israel
GenooxGenoox Series AJune 2017$6MInimiti, Glilot Capital Partners
InflowzInflowz SeedApril 2017$3.5MGlilot Capital Partners
Mintigo Series EApril 2017$10MSequoia Capital, Adams Street Partners, La Maison Partners, Maverick Ventures Israel, Giza Venture Capital, Glilot Capital Partners, Vintage Investment Partners
Upstream SecurityUpstream Security SeedFebruary 2017$2MGlilot Capital Partners, Maniv Mobility SeedJanuary 2017$1.5MGlilot Capital Partners
IntSightsIntSights Series BJanuary 2017$15MWipro Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Blackstone, Glilot Capital Partners, Vintage Investment Partners
CyberX LabsCyberX Labs Series AJuly 2016$9MGlenRock Israel, Flint Capital, Gigi Levy-Weiss, ff Venture Capital, Glilot Capital Partners
IntSightsIntSights Series AJuly 2016$7.5MWipro Ventures, Blumberg Capital, Blackstone, Glilot Capital Partners
Lightcyber Series BMay 2016$20MGlilot Capital Partners, Shlomo Kramer, Claltech, Amplify Partners, Access Industries, Battery Ventures, Vertex Ventures
Dojo-LabsDojo-Labs SeedNovember 2015$1.8MGlilot Capital Partners
IntSightsIntSights SeedSeptember 2015$1.8MGlilot Capital Partners
YouAppiYouAppi Series ASeptember 2014$3M2B.VC, Glilot Capital Partners, Flint Capital
Lightcyber Series AAugust 2014$10.5MBattery Ventures, Amplify Partners, Glilot Capital Partners
CyberX LabsCyberX Labs SeedMay 2014$2MGlilot Capital Partners, Swarth Group, GlenRock Israel, Gigi Levy-Weiss
Aorato Series ADecember 2013$10MAccel Partners, Innovation Endeavors, Mickey Boodaei, Glilot Capital Partners
Porticor Series AJuly 2013$2MIbex Investors, Glilot Capital Partners
YouAppiYouAppi SeedMay 2013$1MGlilot Capital Partners
Aorato SeedNovember 2012$1MGlilot Capital Partners
Insightera SeedMay 2012$1.5MGlilot Capital Partners
Porticor SeedFebruary 2012$1.5MGlilot Capital Partners
Lightcyber SeedNovember 2011$1.5MGlilot Capital Partners

Funds (6)

Fund NameVintageFund SizeTVPI

Co-Investors (160)

Investor NameInvestor TypeLocationPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States44
Viola VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael64
AlephVenture CapitalIsrael50
S CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael14
Glilot Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael40
Vertex VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael57
Intel CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States48
TLV PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael45
Flint CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael19
JAL VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael11
Entrée CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael50
Hanaco VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael35
Samsung NEXTCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael40
Vintage Investment PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael39
Hetz VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael25
NFXVenture CapitalIsrael40
Deutsche Telekom Capital PartnersCorporate Venture CapitalGermany14
Red Dot Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael19
Citi GroupCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States13
Shasta VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States5
J-VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael14
National Grid PartnersCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States6
Operator PartnersVenture Capital15
IN VentureCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael4
Acrew CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States6
Assaf RappaportAngelIsrael7
Udi MokadyAngel4
Maor InvestmentsVenture CapitalIsrael15
Pitango Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael75
Battery VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States47
Maniv MobilityVenture CapitalIsrael19
Blumberg CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael36
Lightspeed Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States50
Accel PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States32
KhoslaVenture CapitalUnited States16
Maverick Ventures IsraelVenture CapitalIsrael20
Norwest Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States25
Gigi Levy-WeissAngelIsrael20
Shlomo KramerAngelIsrael20
GlenRock IsraelPrivate EquityIsrael11
Moneta VCVenture CapitalIsrael11
ClearSky SecurityCompanyIsrael6
Charles River Ventures (CRV)Venture CapitalUnited States7
TPY CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael16
BlackstonePrivate EquityUnited States5
Salesforce VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States20
Wipro VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalIndia4
M12Corporate Venture CapitalIsrael22
Mitsubishi UFJ CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalJapan8
Munich Re VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalGermany8
Adams Street PartnersInvestment Firm5
Ariel MaislosAngelIsrael33
FJ LabsVenture CapitalUnited States7
Ground Up VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael8
LocalGlobeVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom13
Mickey BoodaeiAngelIsrael12
Silicon Valley BankInvestment FirmUnited States13
Fusion LAAcceleratorIsrael45
Merlin VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael9
Nationwide InsuranceCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States6
René BonvanieAngel5
Atlantic Bridge CapitalInvestment FirmUnited States4
DNX VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States5
Delek USCompanyUnited States4
Nadir IzraelAngelIsrael9
Yevgeny DibrovAngelIsrael7
INCapital VenturesVenture CapitalIsrael7
Gerhard EschelbeckAngel4
Ron ZoranAngel3
Volvo Group Venture CapitalCorporate Venture CapitalSweden4
Target GlobalVenture CapitalIsrael18
Collaborative FundVenture CapitalUnited States4
Zohar AlonAngelIsrael8
Titan Capital PartnersPrivate EquityIsrael2
Ofer Ben-NoonAngelIsrael4
Dan AmigaAngel4
fresh.fundVenture CapitalIsrael14
Jerry YangAngel3
Mensch Capital PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael5
Energy Impact PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States2
SYN VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States4
GKFF VenturesFoundationUnited States1
Fin CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States3
CyberArkCompanyUnited States3
Travis McPeakAngel3
Valley VenturesInvestment FirmUnited States1
Ori EisenAngelUnited States1
Innovation EndeavorsVenture CapitalUnited States31
2B.VCVenture CapitalIsrael19
ClaltechCorporate Venture CapitalIsrael14
ff Venture CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States5
La Maison PartnersVenture CapitalFrance24
Global Founders CapitalVenture CapitalGermany13
Ibex InvestorsVenture CapitalIsrael23
Qumra CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael18
AME Cloud VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States6
Kevin MahaffeyAngel6
Amplify PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States3
Differential VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States7
Icon VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States8
K1 Investment ManagementPrivate EquityUnited States6
NTT Docomo VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalJapan6
Tola Capital2
Phoenix Insurance CompanyCompanyIsrael11
Viola FinTechVenture CapitalIsrael2
Latitude VenturesVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom7
Migdal InsuranceInvestment FirmIsrael6
Cervin VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States2
Yehuda ZisapelAngelIsrael2
SymbolVenture CapitalIsrael4
Rain CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States3
Tom BanahanAngel2
Mark SmithAngel1
Elad YoranAngelIsrael1
Renegade PartnersVenture Capital1
Opera Tech VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalNorway1
Standard Bank of South AfricaCompanySouth Africa1
Dean AtkinsonAngel1
Richard SeewaldAngel1
Guy Ben ArieAngelIsrael1
Gil AzrielantAngelIsrael1
Adam HirschAngelIsrael1
Maarten Van HorenbeeckAngel3
BNP ParibasCompanyFrance1
Nekarot CapitalVenture Capital1
‍Julian LevyAngel1
Adrian LudwigAngel1
Jeff TrudeauAngel1
Idan TendlerAngelIsrael5
Amit KanferAngelIsrael2
TriventuresVenture CapitalIsrael11
HyundaiCompanySouth Korea11
Access IndustriesInvestment FirmUnited States8
One Way VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States2
Trustbridge PartnersPrivate EquityChina2
Mark SchwartzAngel1
Direct Insurance (IDI)Investment FirmIsrael1
ForgepointVenture CapitalUnited States2
Parquet CapitalVenture Capital1
57 StarsVenture CapitalUnited States1
Infinity MedicalIsrael2
Swarth GroupPrivate Equity5
KDC Media FundCorporate Venture Capital2
Alex PinchevAngel2
Gur ShomronAngel2
West Fountain Global FundFoundation1
Giza Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael8
NHN VenturesVenture CapitalSouth Korea4
Alliance Ventures1
InimitiVenture CapitalIsrael3
Chris EnseyAngel1
Gula Tech AdventuresVenture CapitalUnited States1
Tim BelcherAngel1
Tomer ShaniAngelIsrael1
Justin LabelAngel1
Microsoft for Startups IsraelAcceleratorIsrael10
Dick Clark Productions1

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