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General Atlantic pioneered the concept of growth equity. Over our 40-year history, we have maintained a focus on investing in and building leading growth companies.

Chuck Feeney, co-founder of Duty Free Shoppers, established General Atlantic in 1980 to invest in high-growth businesses, support visionary founders like himself and fund the global charitable pursuits of the Atlantic Philanthropies, to which he has donated virtually all of his wealth.

Our values and experience have guided our decision making: a global mindset, growth orientation, innovation and creativity. Our partnership approach and collaboration with our portfolio companies, our investors and each other enable us to magnify our impact.

Our capital partner relationships have expanded over the past four decades, with global families comprising the majority of our capital base. We operate outside of traditional funding cycles, utilizing patient and long-term capital. We are also the largest investor in the firm, providing strong alignment with our investors.

The entrepreneurs we partner with share our passion for innovation and technology. We seek to identify emerging companies with strong fundamental performance and organic growth that can accelerate their expansion and scale globally. We partner to grow their businesses with our capital, insights, global resources and network.

The growth and value we create translate into consistent and attractive performance for companies as well as family and institutional investors around the world.

Learn more about growth equity here.

Gabriel CaillauxManaging Director1
Anton LevyManaging Director1
Alex CrissesManaging Director1
RiskifiedRiskified IPO2021$363M
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeLocationPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalSequoia CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States42
Pitango Venture CapitalPitango Venture CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael64
Battery VenturesBattery VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States44
Magma Venture PartnersMagma Venture PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael27
Bessemer Venture PartnersBessemer Venture PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States49
Insight PartnersInsight PartnersVenture CapitalUnited States89
Entrée CapitalEntrée CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael46
Index VenturesIndex VenturesVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom13
Vintage Investment PartnersVintage Investment PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael38
Salesforce VenturesSalesforce VenturesCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States19
Spark CapitalSpark CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States16
Goldman Sachs Growth EquityGoldman Sachs Growth EquityCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States7
Ribbit CapitalRibbit CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States8
CyberstartsCyberstartsVenture CapitalIsrael15
ICONIQ CapitalICONIQ CapitalMulti-Family OfficeUnited States9
Eight Roads VenturesEight Roads VenturesVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom10
ParaFi CapitalParaFi CapitalVenture CapitalUnited Kingdom3
SYN VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States4
Canapi VenturesCanapi VenturesVenture CapitalUnited States2
SCB 10XSCB 10XCorporate Venture CapitalThailand2
Tenaya CapitalVenture CapitalUnited States7
Deutsche Telekom Capital PartnersDeutsche Telekom Capital PartnersCorporate Venture CapitalGermany12
Qumra CapitalQumra CapitalVenture CapitalIsrael17
Viola GrowthViola GrowthVenture CapitalIsrael21
DRW Venture Capital2
Israel Growth PartnersIsrael Growth PartnersVenture CapitalIsrael8
K1 Investment ManagementK1 Investment ManagementPrivate EquityUnited States6
Coatue ManagementCoatue ManagementVenture CapitalUnited States10
General AtlanticGeneral AtlanticVenture CapitalUnited States8
CapitalGCapitalGCorporate Venture CapitalUnited States5
D1 CapitalInvestment FirmUnited States2
Bank of New York MellonBank of New York MellonInvestment FirmUnited States2
Altimeter CapitalAltimeter CapitalInvestment FirmUnited States3
Mammoth ScientificMammoth ScientificVenture Capital1
Geodesic CapitalGeodesic CapitalVenture Capital2
Artisanal VenturesArtisanal VenturesVenture Capital1

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In Memory of The Murdered

In the early morning on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, terrorist group Hamas infiltrated southern Israel and massacred innocent Israelis, from infants to seniors.

They were mercilessly killed, in unspeakable ways. and the entire technology community pause to honor the murdered. We remember them. We honor their memory and the brightest futures they were supposed to live.

May their families and friends find solace. We grieve with you.

We pray for the release of hostages currently held in Gaza.

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