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Fusion LA is an early-stage accelerator for Israeli start-ups in the US. We invest $110K in each company and selectively accept 6-9 teams every 6 months to go through our intensive go-to-market and mentorship-driven program.

We help our portfolio companies commercialize their products, Americanize their value propositions and adapt their go-to-market strategies to the US market. During the program, we facilitate meetings between our Israeli founders and Venture Capitalists, angels, tech executives & like-minded entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

Fusion LAs next batch will begin in September 2020. Portfolio companies receive $110K cash investment and a 9-week accelerator program, in addition to: Free office space and business address for US operation in California | Credits & Perks from vendors like Google Cloud & AWS | Subsidized housing option | Support system of US-based industry experts, investors, executives and Fusion LA alumni.

We are actively looking for Israeli early-stage companies to join our family and scale in the US market.

Our US investment partner:

GoAhead Ventures is an early stage venture capital fund managing over $110M in committed capital. GoAhead Ventures mission is to work with young (or young at heart) entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of their company. The firm has a track record as value-add investors who work alongside portfolio companies, helping entrepreneurs on every step of their journey.

Yair VardiPartner1
The profile picture of Guy KatsovichGuy KatsovichPartner1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
The company logo of KuttleKuttleActive2023Enterprise, DevOps, Infrastructure, Cloud, Optimization, Development
The company logo of QuackQuackActive2023Enterprise, Development
The company logo of SandigoSandigoActive2023DeFi, Web3, Wallet, Blockchain, Software Development
Colors AIActive2023Customer Experience, Enterprise
Geenie.AIActive2023Generative AI, Amazon, E-Commerce$1M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
DeskfirstStrategicMay 20225
DigitalOwlSeries AJanuary 20225
RenovAISeedAugust 20215
timeOSSeedFebruary 20216
DigitalOwlSeedFebruary 20214
Fund NameDate Announced
Fusion ISeptember 2023
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Insight PartnersVenture Capital199586
TriventuresVenture Capital200911
Simon LegzielAngel25
North First VenturesVenture Capital20179
Ibex InvestorsVenture Capital200321

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Fusion LA

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
The company logo of KuttleKuttleActiveEnterprise, DevOps, Infrastructure, Cloud, Optimization, Development0.0%
The company logo of QuackQuackActiveEnterprise, Development0.0%
The company logo of SandigoSandigoActiveDeFi, Web3, Wallet, Blockchain, Software Development0.0%
Colors AIActiveCustomer Experience, Enterprise0.0%
Geenie.AIActiveGenerative AI, Amazon, E-Commerce$1M60.0%
The company logo of Blend AIBlend AIActiveGenerative AI, Sales, Customer Support, Enterprise, No Code, Revenue0.0%
InsightWizActiveArtificial Intelligence, Enterprise, Data, Monitoring40.0%
apprentAIActiveLegal, Generative AI3-14.7%
Dataspan.aiActiveGenerative AI, Data, Enterprise50.0%
The logo of AMYGDALAAMYGDALAActiveHealthcare, PTSD, Mental Health, Personalized20.0%
The company logo of FirstReadFirstReadActiveLegal0.0%
The company logo of UniMasteryUniMasteryActive40.0%
The company logo of Kiko GamesKiko GamesActiveGaming, Mobile90.0%
ObolActiveFintech, Data, Enterprise1018.1%
DeqaInactiveAmazon, E-Commerce40.0%
ZomaActiveEnterprise, Information Technology (IT)40.0%
The company logo of Layla ElectricLayla ElectricActiveEnergy, Real Estate, Cost Reduction, Proptech, Property Management0.0%
The company logo of ClariteeClariteeActiveDesign30.0%
BehavidenceActiveHealthcare, Mental Health, App, Personal$1.3M218.6%
timeOSActivePersonal, Scheduling, Productivity$6M13-4.0%
LoudnClearActiveEnterprise, Customer Engagement, Social Media, No Code$1M172.9%
Plantt.ioInactiveTechnology, Conversational AI$1M5-11.8%
UpwordActiveEducation, Personal, Generative AI, Text, Automated Text Creation$2M2319.0%
The logo of eloominaeloominaAcquiredEnterprise, HR, Behavioural Analysis, Employee Risk45000010.0%
RenovAIActive2D 3D, 3D Recognition, AR VR, Retail, Recommendation Engine, E-Commerce, Generative AI, Design$3.6M248.9%
CrispifyActiveAir Quality, Automotive, In Cabin$1.11M3-4.8%
DigitalOwlActiveInsurance, Insurance Risk, Claims, Underwriting$26.5M756.3%
ArcusTeamActiveEnterprise, IoT, Cyber Security$2M11-10.6%
GiantLeapActiveHealthcare, Diagnostics, Neurology, Education$1.2M8-3.6%
Apply DesignActiveAugmented Reality (AR), Real Estate, Proptech, 3D$3.3M146.0%
The company logo of Gavra GamesGavra GamesActiveGaming80.0%
SpetzAcquiredEnterprise, HR, Recruitment8000000.0%
WhizzcoActiveMarketing, Optimization, Content$1.5M17-5.4%
ShapeShift GamingInactiveGaming, Esports, Analytics$2.5M0.0%
Lynx.MDActiveHealthcare, AIOps, Analytics, AI Enablers, Big Data, Digital Health, Electronic Health Records, Data$14.5M378.5%
Fitto WorldActiveHealthcare, Nutrition$1.3M8-10.2%
EmerjInactiveEnterprise, Knowledge, Platform800000220.0%
Uniper CareActiveHealthcare, Senior Care, Assistant, Telehealth, Content, Mobile$21.5M64-2.5%
SetpointActiveSmart Home, Climate, Sensor$8.7M40-18.7%
FarmDog TechnologiesAcquiredAgritech, Pest, Disease Management, App$1.1M20.0%
Futura GeneticsActiveHealthcare, Genomics, Life Insurance, Insurance80000072.6%

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