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We invest in promising entrepreneurs and technology ventures with global ambitions. Our unique global positioning enables us to support Israeli and European ventures on both sides of the ocean, as they expand into the US market. This “Bridge” strategy, as well as our broad network of entrepreneurs, industry experts and leading investment funds provides us with access to high quality investment opportunities.

Adi LevanonManaging Partner1
Dmitry SmirnovPartner1
Sergey GribovPartner and Board Member1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Nokod SecurityNokod SecurityActive2023Cyber Security, Enterprise, No Code$8M
Antidote HealthAntidote HealthActive2020Healthcare, Physician, Personal, Mobile, Primary Care Physician (PCP), Telehealth$34M
CynomiCynomiActive2020Enterprise, Cyber Security$3.5M
CyoloCyoloActive2019Enterprise, Cyber Security, Development, Zero Trust, Information Technology (IT)$85.2M
MitigaMitigaActive2019Cloud, Enterprise, Cyber Security, Incident Response$52M
ㅤCompany NameDateAmountInvestors
Nokod SecurityNokod Security SeedJune 2023$8M3
CyoloCyolo Series BJune 2022$60M5
Antidote HealthAntidote Health Series AMarch 2022$22M3
XRHealthXRHealth Series CMarch 2022$10M7
CynomiCynomi SeedFebruary 2022$3.5M4
Fund NameDate Announced
Flint Capital raises $50 millionJuly 2014
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Jerusalem Venture PartnersJerusalem Venture PartnersVenture Capital199345
Glilot Capital PartnersGlilot Capital PartnersVenture Capital201132
lool ventureslool venturesVenture Capital201222
Blumberg CapitalBlumberg CapitalVenture Capital199129

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Flint Capital

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
Nokod SecurityNokod SecurityActiveCyber Security, Enterprise, No Code$8M90.0%
Antidote HealthAntidote HealthActiveHealthcare, Physician, Personal, Mobile, Primary Care Physician (PCP), Telehealth$34M532.1%
CynomiCynomiActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$3.5M290.0%
CyoloCyoloActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Development, Zero Trust, Information Technology (IT)$85.2M899.8%
MitigaMitigaActiveCloud, Enterprise, Cyber Security, Incident Response$52M78-0.7%
Sensi.AISensi.AIActiveSecurity, Voice Analysis, Voice AI, Sentiment Analysis, Prevention$17.5M91-4.7%
Voca.aiAcquiredTechnology, Speech, Voice AI, Voice Assistant, Virtual Agent, Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence$6.1M0.0%
BrandTotalBrandTotalInactiveMarketing, Insights, Strategy, Analytics$20M330.0%
XRHealthXRHealthActiveHealthcare, Virtual Reality (VR)$20.9M71-0.6%
AudioBurstActiveNew Media, Audio Content Platform$24.3M14-15.2%
Loom SystemsAcquiredEnterprise, Information Technology (IT)$16M0.0%
CyberX LabsCyberX LabsAcquiredIndustrial, Cyber Security, Control Systems, SCADA$48M230.0%
InhavoInactiveMarketing, Content, Content Targeting0.0%
Any.doAny.doActiveProductivity, Scheduling, Assistant, Mobile$7.5M147613.4%
WalkmeWalkmeActiveEnterprise, Enterprise Support$307.5M1104-4.7%
YouAppiYouAppiAcquiredAd Optimization, Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Mobile, Programmatic Media, App Retargeting, App Re-engagement, User Acquistion$18.1M570.0%
MentAdAcquiredMarketing, Predictive Analytics$5.9M0.0%