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Fielmann Ventures is at the heart of Fielmann’s vision to digitise the eyewear industry to the benefit of consumers without compromising quality. Whereas the Fielmann Group employs hundreds of specialists working in an agile product organisation, Fielmann Ventures focuses on the disruptive technologies that will revolutionise the eyewear industry. We focuse on the industry’s unique position at the intersection of retail, fashion and healthcare to develop the leading platform for the eyewear industry available for customers, healthcare professionals and suppliers. Digitisation has fundamentally altered traditional market rules. Exclusivity and control give way to partnerships and networks. Fielmann Venture’s focus on the eyewear industry allows us to integrate often-separated entities into one holistic unit. With a team of 20 specialists with expertise in computer science, optical physics, mathematics, strategy, business development and finance, we serve our industry as venture capitalist, incubator, accelerator, strategic partner and research unit. It is our firm belief that mutually beneficial partnerships will create a network that will bring about the leading platform for the eyewear industry.

Company NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Deep Optics raises fundingNovember 20221

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