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Cyverse Capital injects seed and growth capital into fantastic, next-gen cyber-security startups. Cyverse Capital builds on the successful track record of Cyverse AG, the Zurich-based firm which distributes next-gen cyber-security technologies to over 100 multinational enterprises in the DACH.

Shira KaplanFounder and Advisor1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
ClarityClarityActive2023Cyber Security, Deepfake, Generative AI
UtilaUtilaActive2022Digital Assets, Wallet, Crypto, Fintech, Blockchain
GuardzActive2022Enterprise, Cyber Security$1M
Dig SecurityDig SecurityActive2021Enterprise, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Detection, SOC 2, Compliance, HIPAA$11M
Talon Cyber SecurityTalon Cyber SecurityActive2021Enterprise, Cyber Security, Web Security, Web Browser$126M
ㅤCompany NameDateAmountInvestors
Guardz SeedJanuary 2023$1M4
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Hanaco VenturesHanaco VenturesVenture Capital201731
Cyverse CapitalCyverse CapitalVenture Capital202116
GKFF VenturesFoundation1

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Cyverse Capital

Cyverse Capital

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
ClarityClarityActiveCyber Security, Deepfake, Generative AI210.0%
UtilaUtilaActiveDigital Assets, Wallet, Crypto, Fintech, Blockchain190.0%
GuardzActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security$1M3823.2%
Dig SecurityDig SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Detection, SOC 2, Compliance, HIPAA$11M8915.7%
Talon Cyber SecurityTalon Cyber SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Web Security, Web Browser$126M1510.0%
Astrix SecurityAstrix SecurityActiveCyber Security, Enterprise360.0%
SeekretSeekretAcquiredAPI, Cyber Security, Microservices, Cloud Native, Enterprise, Development, DevTools0.0%
CardinalOpsActiveEnterprise, DevSecOps, Cyber Security$24M518.9%
LightspinLightspinAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Cloud, Kubernetes, Microservices$20M641.5%
Zero NetworksZero NetworksActiveCyber Security, Network, Enterprise, Information Technology (IT)$25M476.6%
FireblocksFireblocksActiveBlockchain, Cyber Security, Digital Assets, Crypto, Fintech$1.04B6060.0%
ZecOpsZecOpsAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Detection, DevSecOps, Mobile, Mobile Security, App$13.7M0.0%
VicariusVicariusActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Malware$30.2M52-1.8%
IntSightsIntSightsAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Cyber Intelligence, Dark Web$71.3M80-10.1%
CyberX LabsCyberX LabsAcquiredIndustrial, Cyber Security, Control Systems, SCADA$48M230.0%
BioCatchBioCatchActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Fraud, Transactions$245.6M2805.1%