CPT Capital



CPT Capital partners with visionary companies using cutting-edge technologies to shape the future of protein.

ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
BioRaptorActive2021Life Sciences, Biotech, Biopharmaceutical$3M
ImagindairyActive2020Food, Dairy, Protein, Biotech$28M
RemilkActive2019Food, Dairy, Biotech, Protein$131.3M
Redefine MeatActive2019Food, Plant-Based$170M
Aleph FarmsActive2017Food, Meat, Biotech$118.9M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
EquinomSeries DDecember 20227
BioRaptorSeedNovember 20223
RemilkSeries BApril 20228
ImagindairySeedNovember 202110
Aleph FarmsSeries BJuly 202112
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Jerusalem Venture PartnersVenture Capital199345
Israel Innovation AuthorityGovernment71
lool venturesVenture Capital201222
Hanaco VenturesVenture Capital201731

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CPT Capital

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
BioRaptorActiveLife Sciences, Biotech, Biopharmaceutical$3M921.1%
ImagindairyActiveFood, Dairy, Protein, Biotech$28M408.0%
RemilkActiveFood, Dairy, Biotech, Protein$131.3M990.0%
Redefine MeatActiveFood, Plant-Based$170M2230.9%
Aleph FarmsActiveFood, Meat, Biotech$118.9M1440.0%
The company logo of InnovoproInnovoproActiveFood, Protein$36M0.0%
EquinomActiveAgritech, Seed, Genomics, Breeding, Food$70.3M41-9.5%

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