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Citi Ventures is committed to charting the unknown in a world of unprecedented change and disruption. We invest in innovative startups, and we work with our colleagues, clients, and the innovation ecosystem to experiment with next-generation technologies.

We bring an outside-in perspective to sensing and acting on market signals, investigating emerging trends in technology and financial services and exploring their potential use with our clients.

We take an experimental, business- and product-agnostic approach to solving client and Citi problems-testing, refining, and launching new solutions that help people, businesses, and communities thrive.

We fuel and propel growth by investing in and partnering with cutting-edge companies that are shaping the future of financial services and positively impacting a changing world.

Citi is committed to supporting “double bottom-line” companies that have a positive impact on society. We are investing $200 million of our own capital in U.S.-based companies that are applying innovative solutions to help address five societal challenges:

Ornit ShinarDirector & Venture Investing Lead, Israel1
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
IVIXActive2020Fintech, Tax, Detection$25.5M
RupertActive2019Enterprise, Intelligence$8M
FundGuardActive2018Investment Fund, Investments, Finance, Fintech$56M
Sepio SystemsActive2016Technology, IoT, Cyber Security$28.5M
Pagaya InvestmentsPublic2016Fintech, Asset Management, Fixed Income, Credit, Lending$294.3M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
IVIXSeries AAugust 20234
RupertSeedApril 20237
Sepio SystemsSeries BOctober 20226
FundGuardSeries BApril 20225
SilverfortSeries CApril 20229
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Blumberg CapitalVenture Capital199127
83NorthVenture Capital200635
Innovation EndeavorsVenture Capital201028
Lightspeed Venture PartnersVenture Capital200042
Bessemer Venture PartnersVenture Capital191147

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Citi Group

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
IVIXActiveFintech, Tax, Detection$25.5M359.2%
RupertActiveEnterprise, Intelligence$8M2822.9%
FundGuardActiveInvestment Fund, Investments, Finance, Fintech$56M10310.3%
Sepio SystemsActiveTechnology, IoT, Cyber Security$28.5M76-6.5%
Pagaya InvestmentsPublicFintech, Asset Management, Fixed Income, Credit, Lending$294.3M6950.0%
SnykActiveEnterprise, Development, Open Source, Cyber Security, DevSecOps$1.2B1125-5.2%
SilverfortActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Identity Management$106.5M2378.2%
The logo of Illusive NetworksIllusive NetworksAcquiredEnterprise, Cyber Security, Autonomous$54M1270.0%
BlueVineActiveFraud Prevention, Fintech, Credit, Credit Lending, Invoice$562.5M5953.2%
BioCatchActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Fraud, Transactions$245.6M2755.1%

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