As a young and dynamic company with a spirit of entrepreneurship, we look first and foremost at the vision leading the entrepreneur. We believe that we should be investing in people, first and foremost. We strive to invest in companies led by entrepreneurs capable of envisioning and growing great companies with products and/or services meeting real market needs in large and growing markets.We seek companies with profound deep tech creating durable barriers to entry by the competition, thus gaining a sustainable hedge for the long-term and making a real impact on the world. We are less interested in companies whose products and/or services may become a commodity in short order.As a leading venture capital fund, Champel Capital’s responsibility accompanies every investment we make. Alongside our global standards for protecting social and environmental elements, we implement active Impact Investing as part of our asset allocation.It’s all about creating value, both financial and social. We like doing well by doing good, to all: our LPs, our companies and their founders and employees, our own employees, and of course, our partners.Our clients enjoy a wealth of flexibility. Investing in our Champel Capital Impact Deep Tech Fund grants the diversification and professional management of their capital in the Israeli VC space. Alternatively, our clients can opt to invest directly in specific companies through SPVs, with the luxury to pick and choose a precise investment. Our clients fully maintain their power of decision on every single deal, both in terms of ticket size and whether to add money on each subsequent round.

Venture Capital
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
B2B, B2G


Arié Benguigui
Managing Partner
Amir Weitmann
Managing Partner and Board Member

Investment Portfolio


Investment Round History

June 9, 2022
Series A
March 29, 2022
Funding Round

Funds Raised

June 2022



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