Bridges Israel is an impact investment fund which invests in Israeli businesses to generate competitive financial returns alongside significant measurable social impact.We are an independent affiliate of Bridges Fund Management. We strive to partner with exceptional management teams who believe, like us, that business and investment can help resolve our social and environmental challenges in Israel and globally, and by doing so they can unlock a substantial commercial opportunity. Our capital financial, human and intellectual helps our partners realize this huge potential.Investing in high growth, high impact Israeli Businesses. We are targeting Israel’s underserved populations and the Israeli tech for good opportunity with an uncompromised focus on returns.We focus on the bottom half of Israels socio-economic demographicWe are likely to invest in companies directly serving underserved communities and other marginalized groups such as ethnic minorities or the global periphery. We will look to impact those communities through services and products and through companies with operational activities that create fair, inclusive and upskilling job opportunities and support local economies.In all of our investments we are striving towards either (or both) significant scale and depth of influence and are also giving consideration to our contribution as investors and our added value when it comes to defining, implementing and measuring our investees impact.For each investment, we will:

  • Articulate an investment thesis that corresponds with our strategy
  • Consider the interests of all affected stakeholders
  • Outline and mitigate limitations, risks and uncertainties related to the investments impact thesis
Venture Capital

Total Funds

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
B2B, B2C, B2G
Hardware, Software


Sandrine Montsma
Managing Partners
Gal Hayut
Managing Partner and Board Member

Investment Portfolio


Investment Round History

March 1, 2022
Series C
February 3, 2022
Funding Round
January 25, 2022
Series A

Funds Raised

January 2019
$60000000 M



July 10, 2022

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