Adams Street Partners




ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorFunding ($)
Orca SecurityActive2018Enterprise, Cyber Security, Cloud, Compliance$632M
DremioActive2015Data Lake, Virtualization, SQL, Cloud$410M
CATO NetworksActive2015Enterprise, Network, Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, Wide Area Network (WAN), Software Defined (SD)$751M
HUMANMerged2014Enterprise, Cyber Security, Chatbot$149M
MintigoAcquired2009Marketing, Predictive Analytics, Platform$51M
ㅤCompany NameRoundDateInvestors
CATO NetworksSeries GSeptember 20235
DremioSeries EJanuary 20226
Orca SecuritySeries COctober 202110
HUMANSeries DFebruary 20219
HUMANSeries CJanuary 20195
ㅤInvestor NameInvestor TypeFoundedPortfolio
Sequoia CapitalVenture Capital197238
Glilot Capital PartnersVenture Capital201132
Vertex VenturesVenture Capital199751
Lightspeed Venture PartnersVenture Capital200042
Giza Venture CapitalVenture Capital19928

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Adams Street Partners

ㅤCompany NameStatusSectorFundingEmployeesEmployee Growth
Orca SecurityActiveEnterprise, Cyber Security, Cloud, Compliance$632M5055.8%
DremioActiveData Lake, Virtualization, SQL, Cloud$410M340-1.4%
CATO NetworksActiveEnterprise, Network, Cyber Security, Threat Intelligence, Wide Area Network (WAN), Software Defined (SD)$751M7277.8%
HUMANMergedEnterprise, Cyber Security, Chatbot$149M1050.0%
MintigoAcquiredMarketing, Predictive Analytics, Platform$51M0.0%

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