We seek to partner with top founders and entrepreneurs to build lasting technology platforms and create long-term economic and societal value. We are a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, engineers, investors and philosophers. We value operating experience and action, but also new ideas and creative theories. Our unique blend of strengths and worldviews enables us to model investment opportunities using multiple frameworks and help companies succeed in unparalleled ways. If an engineer comes up with a clever new game, everyone can play it right away. But if she develops a new way of using data and informatics to make heart surgeries more successful, she has to rebuild the back-end thousands of times to get it to work with the messy, legacy technology infrastructure that exists in that industry. Similar challenges exist in most areas of finance, government, utilities, logistics, and many other of our largest and most important industries.

Venture Capital

Total Funds


Average Exit Multiple

1.30 x
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, Natural Language Processing
B2B, B2C, B2G
Hardware, Software


David Moskowitz

Investment Portfolio

Investment Round History

October 27, 2021
Series B

Funds Raised

April 2018
$640000000 M
May 2017
$256750000 M
Co-Invest Fund I



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